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Summer Checklist

Before the glorious summer is over, there’s a few very important things that need to be done.

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Do Brunch On A Saturday AND The Following Sunday

This can be done throughout the year, but at least try to get to one all-you-can drink brunch in the summer months. Because you can’t damage your liver as much when it’s beautiful outside. Seriously, it’s science.


Call In Sick To Work

There is absolutely no reason you should be at work right now. It’s 80 degrees and sunny out. Use your rooftop or lawn and have a day party on Friday...or Monday, for that matter.

Go See A Stupid Blockbuster Movie

You have nothing better to do and all the other movies out require too much thinking. Give your brain a break, you already had to concentrate enough reading the movie times.

Do A Cannonball

Don't just sit by the pool, act like the fat kid in Sandlot and scream "Cannonballlll" as obnoxiously loud as you can and jump in the pool. Believe us, it's therapeutic

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