15 Reasons Cinco De Mayo Is The Greatest Holiday On Earth

You used to think Christmas was your favorite day of the year, but clearly you were wrong.


Because you can stuff your face with burritos, tacos, and pretty much any Mexican food and not be judged.


Because you can finally bust out that (super specific Mexican) bowl you bought at the McAlister’s garage sale 3 years ago.


Because you can call and text everyone in your phonebook and not be judged.


Because you’re encouraged to drink and act like you’re on a sunny beach in Mexico, even if your surrounding area actually kind of looks like this.


Because every party you go to will have God’s gift to earth… guacamole.


Because it can have multiple funny names such as Cinco de Drinko or Cincy de Drinky or even Cinco de Blackout!


Because it is the only day where everyone can “speak Spanish” fluently.


Because you’re encouraged to drink the one liquor that makes everyone horny…tequila.


Because not one person, including this woman, will refuse a margarita.


Because everyone has a drunk smile on their face…until about 9 pm when they either passout or get “angry drunk.”


Because it’s the one day where drinking four loko is kind of, sort of semi- accepted.


Because everyone, especially this dude, is out day drinking.


Because it’s the only holiday where throwing up is appreciated.


Because you can walk around all day long looking like this.


Because Cinco de Mayo is on a SATURDAY THIS YEAR, YOU GUYS!

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