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Are You A Princess Or A Fairy?

Come on, we are all (sort of) one or the other...

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  1. Pick a color:

  2. You see a spider in your bedroom, you:

    Scream for help
    Sing it a song
    Catch it and release it outdoors
    Pick it up and place it on your pillow
  3. Pick a vacation view:

    Via Post Ranch Inn
    Via Post Ranch Inn
    Via Sandals Resort
    Via Sandals Resort
  4. What is your favorite subject in school?

    Speech and Debate
  5. Your animal sidekick is...

    Bert the blissfully dumb butterfly
    Sasha the sweet but sassy squirrel
    Fiona the fiercely opinionated fox
    Bob the bumbling but lovable bat
    Petra the slightly phobic but loyal pony
    Rodney the Shakespeare-reciting rat
  6. Pick the emoji that best represents how you are feeling right now?

  7. People praise you for your...

    Excellent singing voice
    Strong intuition
    Ability to keep plants alive
    Kind heart
    Amazing hair
    Magic tricks
  8. Pick a cause:

    Adopt, Don't Shop
    World Peace
    Stop Deforestation
    Ban Plastic Bottles and Bags
    LGBTQ Rights
    Women's Rights
  9. Where do you turn when you need advice?

    An oak tree that kind of looks like an old woman
    Your fairy godmother
    An elder hidden deep in the village
    An evil witch in disguise
  10. Your ideal dessert is...

    Covered in whipped cream and sprinkles
    Via Real Cooking Princess Cakes
    Slightly tart and cold
    Petite and served with a spoon
    Larger than life and oozing with chocolate
  11. Which looks tastier?

Are You A Princess Or A Fairy?

You got: Princess!

Congratulations, everyone loves you...except maybe a rogue witch or step-mom here or there. Your kind heart and penchant for singing to inanimate objects and animals make you the adoration of all who cross your path. Though you do enjoy the finer things in life--epic gowns, extravagant getaways, and black tie events--you are not above bumming around for a day at the local marketplace...but only for a day...I mean, after all, you are royalty. You are a born leader and know how to command the attention and loyalty of any crowd. You can make a friend out of just about anyone (or any object). Oh, and you look wonderful in pink!

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You got: Fairy!

Who needs a fancy castle when you can frolic freely in the woods? Sure, your hair is a little unkempt and your nails aren't polished, but your natural beauty and wild heart make you a total stunner. Though you may come off a bit mysterious or even nebulous at first, your true friends know you as a healer and a lover. You'll choose a moonlight hike to a candlelit dinner any evening. Though you are not one to be center of attention, your unmatched wit and sense of adventure make you a legend all the same.

Real Cooking's Princess Cakes Deluxe Baking Set
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