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10 Fun Facts for 10 Years of Talking Tom

An entire generation has grown up with the adventurous, heroic, and ever-so-gassy Talking Tom, playing with him in popular mobile games like My Talking Tom 2, Talking Tom Gold Run, and Talking Tom Hero Dash. This year, Outfit7 – the multinational entertainment company behind Talking Tom and Friends – turns 10! So to celebrate, here are 10 fun facts for 10 years of Outfit7 FUN!

theoldmillennial 4 months ago

Who’s Your Talking Tom and Friends BFF?

Outfit7 – the entertainment company behind Talking Tom and Friends – is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. So, to celebrate the birthday of a brand that brought us our favorite Tamagotchi-style mobile games, we’re going to party! But who with? Let’s plan this shindig and find out who your ultimate (virtual) BFF is…

theoldmillennial 4 months ago

Only the Biggest Talking Tom Hero Dash Fans Can Ace This Quiz

Talking Tom Hero Dash, the brand new game from Outfit7, has arrived! An endless runner with a superhero twist, it’s proving irresistible with gamers worldwide. With that in mind, let's sort the simple heroes from the super ones with a quiz... Only the biggest Talking Tom Hero Dash fans will know the answers! Let’s go, team!

theoldmillennial 7 months ago

Which Talking Tom Superhero Are You?

In case you’re *not* one of the 4.5 million people to have pre-registered for Talking Tom Hero Dash, let me be the first to inform you: the “super” new endless runner mobile game is now available for download. For the first time ever, billions of Talking Tom and Friends fans around the world are going to experience new superhero versions of their favorite characters! And if an action-packed Talking Tom and Friends superhero mobile game isn’t enough, Outfit7 – the entertainment company behind the award-winning franchise – is also releasing an animated series, “Talking Tom Heroes,” so fans can experience even more of the adventure. To celebrate, you can now get to know the super friends (and also your super self) a little better. Answer these 5 questions and we’ll reveal which Talking Tom Superhero is most like you!

theoldmillennial 7 months ago

Do You Have What It Takes To Save A City Under Attack By Raccoons?

If Talking Tom and Friends mobile games have taught me anything, it’s that I am capable of amazing things: feats of friendship, problem solving, and even saving the world. One other lesson learned from the Talking Tom suite of games: raccoons are little troublemakers! Don’t let their tiny human-like hands, big round eyes, and furry little bodies fool you. I’ve watched them steal Tom’s candy and gold, and now, in the forthcoming Talking Tom Hero Dash, they’re out to destroy the world AND capture Tom’s friends! We only have one month before the new superhero-powered endless runner game launches and the villainous raccoons are set free. So, the question remains: do you have what it takes to save your city from a destructive pack of raccoons? Take this quiz to find out.

theoldmillennial 8 months ago

What My Talking Tom 2 Pet Are You?

Best friends don’t let you do silly things… Alone! We’re ready for the fun of My Talking Tom 2, are you? It’s pretty much the most interactive virtual friend game ever created, filled with new ways to play, laugh, and have fun with the legendary Talking Tom. You can fly together, dress him up, and even play with his brand new pets! They’re all super cute, cuddly, and full of mischief--which one will you adopt? Take our quiz to find out which Talking Tom pet is most like you!

theoldmillennial One year ago

6 Ways I've Convinced Myself Hydrogen Water Will Make My Life Better

I live a fairly rustic and reclusive life. However, my modest wooden shack, which is situated at the top of a mountain, also happens to be nestled in one of the most affluent pseudo-hippie communities in the country. What does this mean for me? It means, by mere proximity, I am prone to believing in all the latest health trends. A few years ago, it was alkaline water, but now, I am all about hydrogen water. Here’s why:

theoldmillennial 2 years ago