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14 College Courses You Most Definitely Need In Your Life

Looking to shake things up? The New School offers some of the most unique classes you've never heard of. Check out The New School for more information.

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5. Beyond the Human Being


Looking to get deep? This class is devoted to discovering the ways that nonhuman technology affects society and the human brain. You'll never look at your laptop the same again.

6. The Living Newspaper


Here, students work directly with the Federal Theatre Project to create productions based on current events. This is an awesome class for people with strong ideas and beliefs who want to get their messages out there.

10. Design and the Future of Publishing

This class is structured to help designers who want to learn more about publishing and writers who know nothing about design. It's super useful and an amazing resource for both future graphic designers and journalists.

13. Food Fight! The Role of Food in Advocacy and Sociopolitical Communication

Foodies rejoice! This class is all about food in pop culture and as a vehicle for social and political change around the world.

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