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    Best Of 2014

    This year was on fleek!

    January 23: University Center Opens

    January 28: Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart


    Two of the most acclaimed actors of film and stage, Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, stopped by for a Q&A with The New School for Drama students.

    February 10: Victoria Beckham

    February 27 - March 6: Parsons Paris at Paris Fashion Week

    May 12: Diane Von Furstenberg


    During this year's Parsons Festival, DVF spoke with Professor Hazel Clark about her iconic wrap dress, which turned 40 this year.

    "The wrap dress... What made it so special? I think because it was both proper and sexy. Once somebody told me 'that's the dress the boyfriend likes and his mother doesn't mind'."

    May 15: "The World's Most Powerful Room"

    May 22: Commencement

    July 11: Trapeze School

    August 5: Matt Bomer visits The New School

    September 16 - 24: Climate Action Week

    September 21: The People's Climate March

    September 26: Journalism + Design Launch

    October 6: bell hooks and Gloria Steinem

    October 7: bell hooks and Laverne Cox

    October 8: Parsons at The White House