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Longoria Trumpets Rhino Cause WIth New Movie Theme Song

Trumpet Star Uses His Horn To Spotlight Rhino Horn Crisis In New Movie Song

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David Longoria, composer and artist

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Horn For Horn

For the last hundred years every generation has had a trumpet star. Herb Alpert, Al Hirt, Maynard Ferguson, Chris Botti, Harry James all bring memories of eras that the horn reinvented it's fanfare. David Longoria, whose trumpet driven dance and jazz hits have made him known on radio and Public Television, releases his latest single "Now Or Never" which he wrote and performs as the original theme song for the South African feature Bloodline: Now Or Never this week.

Remixes of the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) styled song have been leaping in popularity in it's first week saturating clubs nationwide.

"I'm elated!", Longoria jubilantly says, adding "DJs everywhere have been so supportive of my music for years and this song is spotlighting a real problem. rhino poaching while it hits a chord as a pop song as well."

The awareness of the poaching cause is the central theme in the movie's action story. Written by and starring newcomer Tariku Bogale, the movie is getting buzz in Hollywood this month as it is out in limited release in Los Angeles and New York starting this week.

"I took on the challenge to compose and perform the song because I felt strongly about the message this film sends," Longoria explains, adding "I watched the movie and found it compelling and the issue is hard to imagine in 2017. I had to use my horn to save these animals from losing theirs."

The rhino is killed by poachers to cut off the horn and sell to underground buyers in China and India where the keratin is believed to have medicinal properties worthy of it's mammoth black market value, even though it's the same material that makes up fingernails and hair. Highly publicized trials of poaching rings have made world news for the past few years involving impoverished locals working for a powerful line of corruption that leads to political leaders and potentially the judicial level.

In addition to his trumpet, Longoria's song features his vocals along with dance artist April Diamond who brings the feminine touch.

"When David brought the song to me I thought it was just a great pop song until he told the story of the movie's character fighting for what's right against the greedy and criminal empire," Diamond says, adding "his songs always have clever meaning that go beyond the pop hits they become."

Her single "Lose Control" is climbing national dance music charts now and has a very different focus than Now Or Never.

"In my other songs I'm often singing about letting go and having fun, so this was great to help bring about awareness of such a problem for these beautiful animals," she explains.

The two artists are shooting a music video in California for release later this month.

"We wanted to include some footage from the movie as the message is so powerful and the imagery in Africa is very beautiful yet provocative," Longoria says.

If you are a movie buff or a member of the movie industry you can get in to a special showing of the Bloodline: Now Or Never by checking local listings or contacting the music office of Del Oro Music via

Now Or Never is available now on iTunes, Amazon and all streaming sites.

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