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    Ani Releases Confession Followup To Her Debut Dance Hit

    Singer and Billboard Top 40 Artist Ani releases her followup single to clubs and digital stores on Friday


    AHM Records / Via

    It's much more daring and provocative than her debut single Dance The Night Away, which climbed the US Billboard Dance Club Music chart in 2018, but that's what 19 year old Ani wanted. The Guatamala born, American raised, singer took the theme of Confession from an inspired visit to Los Angeles' iconic West Hollywood dance spot, The Abbey. The club features nights dedicated to churchy themes including "The Chapel", "Alter Girl Wednesday", and "Born Again Fridays".

    Producer Robert Eibach who took the helm for both releases, and the album to follow, thought it was interesting.

    "I thought it was a fun idea, with the point of view of a club dance song but thinking about a confession booth," explains Eibach, adding "it's lots of fun and no intent to offend anyone."

    The theme was so powerful they decided to film the music video in an iconic Los Angeles church. Confession, both the music video and single, will debut on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal this Friday (1/25/19).

    Ani's official YouTube channel is at:

    To launch the new song and music video, Ani will perform live at The Abbey (in West Hollywood, CA) on Thursday after 10pm.

    Connect with Ani on her social media: Twitter: @Anisings1 Instagram: @Anisings1 YouTube: Facebook:

    Official website:

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