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12 Times "The Muppets" Gets Really Real

They're real! They're really real!

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1. When Kermit breaks down foodie struggles perfectly.

2. When Gonzo explains online dating to a tee.

3. When Chip the IT Guy perfectly describes social media.

4. When Kermit says what every Los Angeles commuter is always thinking.

5. When Miss Piggy addresses privacy issues.

6. When Pepe explains communism.

7. When Kermit perfectly articulates how you feel about bacon.

8. When Miss Piggy describes the perfect Tuesday night.

9. When Kermit confirms that The Electric Mayhem is pro-legalization.

10. When Floyd enlightens us to the true meaning of holidays.

11. When Fozzie Bear gets delightfully dark...

12. ...and when Kermit restores our faith in the universe.

(All images provided courtesy of ABC Studios)

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