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11 "Muppets" GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Your Adult Life

It's not easy being an adult.

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1. When you're trying to get the group chat back on track:

2. When you're taking a selfie with your frenemy:

3. When you decide to hit the gym for the first time in six months:

4. When you see your ex at a party:

5. Every single time you try to make a good first impression:

6. When that one co-worker forgets your name for the 30th time:

7. When your friend is bragging about how many Twitter followers they have:

8. When you're marathoning a show, and somebody spoils the ending:

9. When your boss brings in an important client and pretends to be everyone's best friend:

10. When a recent college graduate tells you about their five-year plan:

11. When you finish an article and realize that the whole thing was an advertisement:

(All images courtesy of ABC Studios)

Luckily, a little piece of your childhood is back and better than ever! The Muppets are back in a new series, Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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