TheMoraSmoothie by Paola Buonacara Fashion DIY Blogger from Italy
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  • Ice & Roses Vernissage by Ludmilla Radchenko!

    Last Thursday during the MFW was held the exclusive event Ice & Roses Vernissage, where there was the presentation by Ludmilla Radchenko. For this occasion, Ludmilla, well known face of TV, has created a Venus de Milo made of ice. Ludmilla face of TV, but beyond that there’s more, an artist of art shouted of real life. Her art is not limited to the canvas but travels on various wavelengths until meeting foulard and sweatshirts with its roses, her pop art with a clear contamination of real life and its surroundings, where her works on canvas migrate on fine fabrics to create the kind of lively and colorful foulard.. I leave you with some pics of the night… Big kiss and see you to the next post! A special kiss to Ornella and Elisa for the amazing companionship during the night!

  • Outfit in Milan during the MFW!

    My first outfit during the MFW. This busy day to pass faster from one event to another, I decided to be comfortable and wear sneakers, with a long blue skirt by Gazèl with the delicate and very nice birds embroidered in white. A skirt that I find very comfortable, with pockets, and also very versatile. To be honest before I knew what I would have done, I thought to wear it with heels, but then I opted for the nice version, combining it with a simple white shirt and a trench white too and a touch of light necklace collection by Snake Athena Gioielli. What do you say? Big kiss

  • Exhibition Equilibrium at the Ferragamo Museum!

    The theme is the equilibrium and is inspired by the writings of Salvatore Ferragamo on the anatomy of the foot, shoemaker and artist, but also an engineer of the shoe and everything that revolves around the study of the foot and he’s the creator of great patents and not only in the shoes, but also in the medical field. Before coming to Florence to visit the exhibition, I was very intrigued and actually was not sure what I would have expected! Just arrived at the exhibition, accompanied by my guide I started to immerse myself completely in it, beginning admiring the work and studies of Salvatore Ferragamo … a true pioneer… and then there going on with the rest of the exhibition, in which there are works of the highest level. From the beginning of the walking, the first footsteps, to the sculpture Cecioni that represents the child in the first moment of the steps, then go on to the movie and the sculptures of shoes that go beyond the actual walking, the walking of our life, a path of interiority, then along the hall of acrobats, where paintings and sculptures are to represent equilibrium, of the body and soul, and to finish the dance hall and also would love to tell, dance represented on Etruscan vases, ending to the marks on the paper by a modern dancer. This a small summary, but in this exhibition here is so much to admire from paints, books, sculptures and works art in general but ends with the walking inside your life, what everyone runs, an exhibition rich in history and soul and I could not tell you everything else… you would remove the pleasure to visit it, will be open until April 12. I intrigued u? In my opinion you can’t miss it and then where can you see all the fantastic forms of Ferragamo shoes made for great actresses from Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn? Anyway, back to the present Ferragamo continues to dazzle and make us fall in love, don’t miss shoes designed for Cinderella, bootee that I think has made us dream and fall in love and from all of the nine brands that have reinterpreted it the one of Ferragamo is one of my favorites, gives me just the idea of ​​the bootee crystal, made of light and transparencies with the cage heel, symbol of the maison covered with Swarovski. Big kiss and to the next post.

  • Vogue & A.S.98 event: the backstage!

    I had already told u here about the Vogue & A.S.98event in which it was presented the new collection for the upcoming SS15 but I had also anticipated a surprise for those who follow me on social already knows what I’m talking about. I had the pleasure to pose as model for the new collection and be immortalized by the shots of Manfredo Pinzauti photographer of Vogue… and he was immortalized during the shooting too ^ _ ^ It has been a glam cocktail party with much fun in the Flagshipstore by A.S.98 in Verona immersed in the grunge rock style and sometimes vintage of their super shoes. A kiss and the next post

  • A Brilliant And Valuable Bracelet By Gabriele Fiorucci!

    A bracelet that is a shiny gift, with swarovski that gently rest on soft tissue, a day of celebration where everything is shiny and silver adorn everything. Add a simple black jumpsuit that needs no other colors except red on the lips, and the bracelet that shines and as if by magic takes almost leap in its place of honor in the ancient and glittering showcase … but I can’t let it go away, I want this bracelet accompany my other outfits. A shiny kiss to you!

  • How To Make A Fashion DIY Monarch Ring In 3 Minutes!

    What is the symbol that reminds you Summer? For me butterflies, I love them and I’m very happy that for the next season will be put down everywhere, and so I decided to create this ring. TIME: 2 min, with time of drying. ESSENTIAL: Basic ring, butterfly and glue. TUTORIAL: to create the butterfly ring just take the base ring, put a nice layer of glue and attach the butterfly, drying time and the ring is ready. How about, I know that is a bit special, but it’s the butterfly ring and if it can’t get noticed how can it take flight? And if you do not believe that it is so easy and fast to make it I leave you the link to watch the tutorial on my YouTube channel.

  • How to make a fashion DIY tee CHANEL!

    So easy to make, I have to thank for the inspiration Maria Katia Doria, in her blog a few days ago she talked about tee and having a small obsession with Chanel (as blame her?) had found a DIY using brushes and colors, some with this method can be made, but today I’m gonna post u an easier and faster way to make it and also suitable for those with brushes did not really familiar. TIME: 6 min ESSENTIAL: white tee, scissors, printer, iron and most importantly adhesive sheets for t-shirts are easy to find in stationery. TUTORIAL: First you need to print on the sticker the design chosen “before printing important thing you have to flip the image” as it will be applied in reverse. Just obtained our image cut out the excess edges and we place on the tee on the contrary, and we pass the iron dry. Finally we remove the adhesive film and the tee is ready, what do you think about? And if you want to laugh a little you can check out on YouTube my first Video-Tutorial dedicated to her! Big kiss

  • What do women think about the new Porsche Cayenne?

    Hi guys out there! I gotta confess to u that I was very curious to discover the new Porsche Cayenne and during the final of the contest EXMACHINA by Porsche Italy I have not missed this opportunity! The new Cayenne has an important presence, but the new lines very accurate make it extremely elegant and fashion! You can fall in love right away! Also inside you can not but be impressed by the excellence by Porsche in the choice of materials and assembly. You feel immediately at ease when driving and despite the size for me was extremely easy to drive! Indeed I gotta say that I did not want to get off no more! Inside, everything reminds you of being on a Porsche, but the size and comfort make it a perfect family car and a great traveler … and a car that knows how to be loved by a woman !! The version I tested then is my favorite, the Hybrid model, of which I had already told you here! An engine that allows you to travel in electric mode and when you learn to make the most of Porsche Intelligent Performance becomes a challenge to travel more miles as possible in electric zero emissions! I leave you now with some pics in which the charm of this car is really tangible !! Kisses and see u to the next post!

  • How to make a fashion DIY Sunglasses inspired by Valentino!

    Here’s a hot,hot fashion DIY (just made it last night), born casually. I had got a pair of sunglasses, usually when I go out for shopping I always do the load of sunglasses by different forms and I know that then an idea will come in my mind, and here the idea came to me watching the camouflage line by Valentino, of course was just an inspiration, mine aren’t a real camouflage. But now let’s go with the tutorial! TIME: The time will depend on your patience, but certainly no more than 20 minutes, unless you find yourself all covered with glitter ^ - * ESSENTIAL: sunglasses, glitter stickers, some glue and a little bit of patience, it is not difficult, so just a little bit of patience. TUTORIAL: I first decided the layout and then I simply applied the glitter to the sunglasses helping me with a little ‘bit of glue to give greater reinforcement. What do you think about? Big kiss and see you to the next post!

  • Light Reflections On My Face!

    A black & white outfit, but with special light reflections … A black leather pants, a white all hairy vest and to frame my face like little moonbeams that light up and make shine my new earrings and necklace by Athena Jewerly. Unique jewelry that arise from expert hands and true craftsmanship, where each piece is unique as each of us babe ^ - * !!! And to complete it all my cat-eye glasses that you can find on shopping online here. A big kiss Ps: do you like my new manicure? To create I was inspired by the new trends SS15.

  • Wanna be always on the road!

    Today a new super sporty outfit for a funny day full of wandering aimlessly with no destination but only the road ahead. To be comfortable and ready for any eventuality, I decided to wear my Dr Martens and a sweatshirt by Lolly Star with small glitter to give a touch of light and then a touch of red lipstick that it seems that from the beginning of this year taken possession of me ^ - *, What do you say about? Big kiss!

  • VicenzaOro The Boutique Show By Matteo Marzotto

    Hi there! Today I’m gonna tell u about VicenzaOro a show that needs no introduction, one of the most important goldsmiths events in the world and from these recent editions you can’t be involved from the glamour worthy as a fashion event with the help of Matteo Marzotto! Great effort to transform it from a purely commercial event to an event rich in content and charm, The Boutique Show indeed! And so we began with the Press Meeting and an Opening Party worthy as the fashion shows in Milan and the unmissable show by the pianist Stefano Bollani. The following day, with the opening of the stands I was pleasantly surprised by the innovative organization which makes the visit between the “hall” intuitive and very easy. High votes!! But among the many inspirations and proposals here’s what struck me most: first REBECCA with its glamorous fairytale for modern metropolitan princesses. The new Rebecca collections consists of three refined variants: Executive. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings with a contemporary design, featuring valuable crystals, for a feminine deluxe charm. Elegance. A romantic dream illuminated by white cubic zirconia, for an evening of seduction with a aristocrat touch. Emotional. Jewels from the soul chic and essential, suspended between pure minimal and subtle emotion. I can just say… I wanna have them all ^ - * TOUS, spanish Company of which I told u here and with this new collection has really impressed me very much. The play of the elastic ring, to give a touch of color and create it as you want it, the collection with these small pyramids as small studs that give a touch rock, but with elegance. And to finish the bags, I don’t know you…but I never get tired of having. LORENZO UNGARI who with its gold that shines thanks to technical details and fine jewelry could not get my attention, but in addition to jewelry, the real star, is a source of creativity and research that reflects the philosophy of the brand. FANI with a collection where the materials and colors come together in a unique harmony creating multithread bracelets, necklaces elegant and refined. Personally I’d see very well worn with various style and in tune with a wide age target And the last but not the least, OTTAVIANI that with its bijoux won the eyes and hearts of many women, jewelry that alone will create the outfit and give you an extra touch, the proposals for the new season by earrings metal beads decorated by delicate nuances, another element flower and then returns the classic sculptural model proposed in total black and fantastic turquoise and then the fantastic clutch like little jewels. So I leave a few pics and send you a mega kiss!

  • Outfit with my Camel Coat by Isabel Garcia!

    Hi guys out there, how are you? Today a new week and I wanna post you some pics about my outfit worn during my visit to VicenzaOro (soon all the details about the fair). The star of the outfit is the camel coat, a cloth that is a must have in our wardrobe that piece that always comes back, and this winter a must have for the fashion addict and fashion icon too! My camel coat is by Isabel Garcia a young Brand but that has already conquered the fashion scene leaving everyone spellbound during the fashion shows in London, and I fell in love with the cut and the combination with boucle fabric that gives it a special and sophisticated touch, but back to my outfit I combined it with a total white with comfortable Converse just adding gold details, but the combinations are endless, I love it in total black too as I wore it here, soon also other version. What do you say about, how would you like to wear it? Big kiss and the see u to the next post!

  • EXMACHINA powered by Porsche Italia: the Grand Final!

    Hi guys out there, today I’m gonna tell u about cars, team spirit and initiatives for young people! It’s always so exciting to attend to an event by Porsche and this time also the curiosity, to find out the winners of the project EXMACHINA by Porsche Italy (I told here) and their work, was very strong! Two days in the charming and exclusive Country Hotel Relais Monaco in Ponzano Veneto and then in the surreal atmosphere of H-Farm! Collaboration, team spirit, innovation and creativity in business, these are the prerogatives of the team of guys who are committed to three months to H-Farm and have completed the contest EXMACHINA. To immerse ourselves in this atmosphere and identify with what happened in the team that participated in the project EXMACHINA, the volcanic Mauro Gentile, Press Director of Porsche Italy, has divided us in crews using the amazing Panamera and the new Cayenne both in Hybrid version! Objective? Complete the journey with a SuperCar with ecological vocation and drive more possible in E-Power, i.e. electricity boost and ZERO emissions! And so technical briefing with Porsche engineer to prepare and let’s know the unimaginable goals achieved by Porsche and its Porsche Intelligent Performance with regard to efficiency of the vehicle and Hybrid! I must admit that seeing my colleagues (bloggers and journalists automotive) prepare aggressive strategy with Tablet and Computer I felt a little bit in panic, but I think no less than Alessio Odinzoff (TV journalist) discovering that he would share the challenge with… a Fashion Blogger !!! And then the next morning between smiles of circumstance and jokes like “we’re here just for fun,” you could breathe the competitive spirit deeply in the square where the amazing SuperCar by Porsche were ready for the challenge! Alessio and I get in our Panamera S E-Hybrid, but let’s say the truth I was a bit a ballast ^ - *, I already drove the Panamera S E-Hybrid here, actually I didn’t understand at 100% its potential, and so I took advantage of his automotive and journalistic experience to learn more about Hybrid … and then you know how men are in front of competition … ^ - ^ With a hybrid you can decide the type of driving and how much you want to consume and then in my personal opinion with a hybrid you have to adapt to a new type of driving, but I do not talk about an unnatural way of driving,, but now a lot of things in the world are changing, just simply get in motorway traffic has changed, many more cars and sometimes I wonder why run to retrieve those 10 minutes? With that kind of car you can get in-charge mode and recharge the batteries or you can decide to travel hybrid and make work together the electric engine and the heat engine, or with charged batteries only travel electric and ZERO emissions and with these potentials and respecting speed limits can deal with long distances consuming half and making a contribution to the environment… that sounds great!! The route along the province of Treviso, let me discover beautiful places, first of all an unforgettable Portobuffolé and its magical atmosphere! It was amazing to discover at the end of the challenge that these hybrid SuperCar been able to travel more than 60 km in electric Zero Emissions of 120 kilometers of trail! But time passes quickly and here we are in a full conference room at H-Farm for the awarding of the young participants in the contest EXMACHINA! Great emotion and satisfaction for Pietro Innocenti CEO of Porsche Italy, Josef Nierling Porsche Consulting and some of the most representative of Italian entrepreneurs traditionally inclined to research and development and share a passion for Porsche! A success of this initiative which loudly was required to continue for the next few years! The winners? The team named “I Soci”. So I invite you to read the official press release here with all the details of the contest! Big kiss!

  • Nuovi Talenti: passion, style, fashion!

    Hello my friends, how are you? Today I wanna tell u about a place full of passion and love, a place where some people with professionalism and love will pamper and guide you, a place where your eyes will be lost to admire the beautiful and the lightning, this place is called Nuovi Talenti. It opened its doors recently, but behind it there is a long history and a true passion of the two owners Angelo and Angela. They asked me to get a photo-shooting in their store wearing their beautiful jewelry, just imagine my reaction in front of this lightning? Eyes as hearts and let’s go with the shooting! Choosing what to wear has been very difficult, but the thing that struck me is that by Nuovi Talenti you can find jewelry from the high jewelers of big brands, but also bigiotteria high level, but what most I liked is their creations that comes out from their minds, both from a stylistic point of view, but especially as the choice of materials … I would be run away with all ^ - * But you could discover more if you go up to the top floor there is an open world and you feel like you have arrived in one of the shops very Bohémien in Parisian style where the whiteness of the white will wrap you in a cloud, and here you can find many original accessories from the lamp by the glass to recreate that style very classy and sophisticated. So I leave you with some pics and if you are in Puglia, visit Barletta and Nuovi Talenti… I’m sure you will be pleasantly amazed. PS: For more details here’s their Facebook page! Kisses gleaming and the next post

  • How to create a fashion DIY necklace inspired by Tiffany!

    Hi there! Today a new fashion DIY, a necklace that has the flavor of love and marriage, but I like the clean lines and color of pearls, I was inspired to create from Tiffany necklaces, but also creating a version a little bit different, hoping you like it. TIME: 10 min ESSENTIAL: string of pearls, silver thread, 2 slips pearls, two small circles, single bead and closure. TUTORIAL: I used a string of pearls already slipped and I split in two, obviously for convenience and speed, if you have to proceed to thread the beads the game gets longer. At one end of both threads thus obtained I slipped in a slip pearls and I stuck with a knot, then with the silver thread I created two equal circles (as a basis for creating them I wrapped the thread around a big marker) and I joined them. Then I passed the single pearl in the circle and with the other circle I joined it to one of the circles created earlier. I hooked the large circles to the individual strands of pearls using the hook of the slip pearls and finally I applied the closure. How about, do you like the effect? Big kiss

  • Outfit with my marsala pants!

    Hello friends, how are you? Here I’m after some technical problems again with a new outfit with the flavor of marsala! Marsala is the color that Pantone has decreed to be the color of the next season and I have decided to create this outfit combining it with the black, but the pairings for this color are really infinities and it’s Ok for any kind of person! A big kiss and I hope you’ll like my new outfit

  • Playing in the beach with the winter sea of my hometown!

    Hi guys out there! Today on The Mora Smoothie to a new outfit worn for a day of carefree and very casual. To be honest we went out for a ride on the beach, the sea make me recharge and in winter has a spectacular charm, and while we were there we took these pis, but honestly were fun photo that should have to go somewhere else, but I finally decided to share with you these pics very amateur in which I played as a child while the waves crashing on the rocks. My outfit very sporty with a t-shirt by Erreà Republic, jeans flared and even if you do not see the convers. A big kiss

  • Fashion DIY rolled up bracelet!

    Good morning, today a new fashion DIY, the rolled up bracelet! Fast, or super fast. Time: 3 min + drying. Essential: a recycled lanyard (I used the golden cord, which was the handle of a bag), lanyard plate, but you can also use a round thread, thread balls (usually found gold or silver, but if you’re lucky in your haberdashery specialist will also have other colors… a secret you can also find it in DIY stores), glue and finally a closure. Tutorial: I tied two plates threads and the thread balls and then I stuck with some glue to the golden cord, then I started to roll the whole thing until you get to the desired length, occasionally putting some glue. At the extremes I put the cord in the closure locking it with a bit of glue and voila the bracelet is ready, what do you say about? … believe me is much longer time explain the tutorial. Big kiss and see u to the next post.

  • Gabrieleffe SS/15 by Gabriele Fiorucci!

    Hi guys out there! For my first post of this 2015 I’m gonna tell u about the new SS/15 collection by Gabrieleffe, why? Because after this wave of frost throughout Italy that I can just fly away to the Summer, snow is beautiful but I think it’s just fine in the mountains ^ - *, but mostly because the energy and the charge of the dresses by Gabriele are unique, are amazing creation by a great person that I appreciate very much. I had the pleasure of meeting his passed collection thanks to Maria Katia Doria, a collection that had left me speechless for its magnificence, then I met him in person, and I got confirmation that behind those gorgeous dresses there’s a special person! The new collection for next Summer is a bit of a tribute to Brigitte Bardot and 60’s years too, but all with the careful hand of the designer, which aims to enhance the woman and make her beautiful (having wearing his dresses here, here, here and here, I know what I’m talking about, not just dresses but those that make you immediately feel a star and that doesn’t happend often). The new collection consists from palazzo pants to bell-bottoms, dresses, jackets and coats with big shoulders and amazing details to enhance the woman, all lit by embroidery and decorations typical of his style, but also the fantastic jewelry, bracelets, earrings that go to illuminate the whole, I have already fallen in love and I love the way to see and value the woman by Gabriele Fiorucci. And what about bags and shoes that seem like jewels?… Now I leave you with immages about the new collection that need no words and I am sure will make you fall in love. Big kiss and have great 2015 !!!

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