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The Best Easy Weekday Meal

Not only is it pumpkin spice latte season, but tuna season as well, here's a fantastic weekday meal for you to add to your menu!

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Did you know that September isn't just the beginning of fall, but also one of the best months for tuna?

I didn't either until I started researching what I wanted to make in the fall season.

Tuna cakes are one of my favorite foods, but I decided to give it a little kick, a little cajun kick.

This recipe is so quick, you can be out for the whole day, but still make dinner at home. Saving you the time and money of going out to eat.


* 1 can tuna

* 1/2 cup mayo

* 1 onion chopped

* A hint of siracha

* 2 jalapeƱos chopped

* 1 tsp cayenne

* 1 tsp paprika

* 1 tbs Coriander

* 2 tbs cajun seasoning

* 1 cup crushed saltines

* 1/4 cup dijon mustard

* 1/2 lemon zest

* salt and pepper to taste

* 1 tbs oil


# In a bowl combined all of the ingredients and mix until thick

# In a medium sized frying pan heat 1 tbs oil

# Fry each side for about 3 minutes or until golden brown

# Serve with lemons and a salad

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