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    10 Hidden Gems In Michigan Every Nature Lover Should Add To Their Bucket List | Most Michiganders Don’t Even Know About These!

    Whether you're from Michigan or have always wanted to visit the Great Lake State, there are plenty of bucket list locations we know you need on that list of yours. It is known as a state of constant construction and a winter that will bring down even the most optimistic person. Behind some of the bad rap Michigan gets, it is a beautiful state that will blow you away with a variety of sand dunes, state parks, mountains and waterfalls. Everybody knows about Sleeping Bear Dunes and Tahquamenon Falls, but we put together a list of places that even Michiganders don’t know. Below are 10 places in Michigan that every traveler needs on their bucket list.

    1. Kitch-iti-kipi

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    Based in the Upper Peninsula, Kitch-iti-kipi, also known as “mirror of heaven,” by Native Americans is a breathtaking lake. Surrounded by forest on all sides, A self powered wooden raft sits on the edge of the lake and allows visitors to take a ride across giving a unique perspective. Given that a lot of people don’t know about this wonderful location, it shouldn't be too crowded for your next adventure.

    2. Beaver Island

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    The largest island in Lake Michigan and a popular destination for those in the know. Beaver Island boasts beautiful views of Michigan and the surrounding nature. Filled with beaches and a whole lot of places to adventure on the island, this getaway location is perfect for anyone looking for their next home away from home. One thing to note, you can only get there by ferry, but it is well worth the wait.

    3. Torch Lake

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    Beautifully clear water and beaches are just a few things torch lake is known for. Located in northern Michigan, Torch lake is a paradise by any standards and in Michigan it's the closest thing you can get to a tropical setting. Whether your jet skiing, boating, or just laying out in the sun on the beautiful beach, there are plenty of things to keep you busy. Torch Lake is a must if you are trying to experience the best Michigan has to offer.

    4. Presque Isle Park

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    Looking for a place to get away and adventure? Presque park offers everything you need to just take a long weekend or extended vacation. Hiking, sunsets and jaw dropping nature will keep you there as long as you can while you spend all your time adventuring.

    5. Isle Royale

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    Known for its scenic views and stellar sunsets, Isle Royale is a secluded island in the upper peninsula that almost nobody from the lower peninsula knows about. There are a variety of animals on the island like moose and fox that don’t pose a real threat, but beautiful to look at. The only way to get on the island is by boat and it isn’t open during the winter to travelers, but the views are simply amazing.

    6. Turnip Rock

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    Turnip rock is known to quite a few Michiganders, but not many if you ask to have been to this beautiful. Wondering how it still stands? Engineers must reinforce the bottom of the structure with concrete to keep it safe around travelers who visit. Those who go there often rent kayaks to get views of the land you can’t get anywhere else. There is a lot of hiking to do near turnip rock and if the water if warm enough, you can wade right up to it and see how it still stands today.

    7. Bond Falls

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    Perfect for any season you like traveling in, Bond falls offers those who visit a look at one of Michigan's biggest waterfalls. While it is one of the most popular in Michigan, not many from the region will recognize or say they have been there before. If the water is warm enough, you can get right up close to the behemoth of a waterfall, get your picture taken or do some photography of your own!

    8. Arcadia Dunes

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    There are quite a few dunes in Michigan, but Arcadia Dunes is not known by hardly anyone not living right next to it. While it isn’t quite big as a Sleeping Bear or a Silver Lake dune, it boasts an incredible board walk right over the dunes down to the beach where you can enjoy the sand and sun. If your looking for a fun relaxing day, but don’t want a million tourists crowding around you, Arcadia Dunes is the place to be!

    9. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

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    Pictured Rocks, those who have been there talk about how the views take there breadth away. Adventuring around picture rock can give you something to do all day but most people focus on the arch you can kayak under and the small bay that pictured rocks encase. Want to go get amazing pictures somewhere? Maybe you should check out the place with the picture as its namesake.

    10. Point Abbaye

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    Near the top of the upper peninsula, it can be quite the drive for even the most determined, but I can say the view is worth it. Point Abbaye is filled with beautiful nature to discover and cliff sides to stare at for hours? Trying to get the perfect shot? The sunsets here are some of the best in the country. If you’re lucky when you visit, some people have reported northern light sightings which is something you need to have on your bucket list.