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    10 Hidden Gems In Michigan Every Nature Lover Should Add To Their Bucket List | Most Michiganders Don’t Even Know About These!

    Whether you're from Michigan or have always wanted to visit the Great Lake State, there are plenty of bucket list locations we know you need on that list of yours. It is known as a state of constant construction and a winter that will bring down even the most optimistic person. Behind some of the bad rap Michigan gets, it is a beautiful state that will blow you away with a variety of sand dunes, state parks, mountains and waterfalls. Everybody knows about Sleeping Bear Dunes and Tahquamenon Falls, but we put together a list of places that even Michiganders don’t know. Below are 10 places in Michigan that every traveler needs on their bucket list.

    1. Kitch-iti-kipi

    2. Beaver Island

    3. Torch Lake

    4. Presque Isle Park

    5. Isle Royale

    6. Turnip Rock

    7. Bond Falls

    8. Arcadia Dunes

    9. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

    10. Point Abbaye