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The Real-Life Actors Behind Mass Effect Characters

Documenting the known voice actors and models that go into making the characters that grace the trilogy of Mass Effect games.

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Ashley Williams

Left: Kimberly Brooks (Voice)

Right: Ashley Williams - given the high-quality of her appearance model (zing!) it is likely that she is based on a real actor/model, but as of yet she has not been identified.

The Illusive Man

Left: Martin Sheen (Voice)

Middle: The Illusive Man

Right: Jon Briddell (Unconfirmed Appearance Model) - Although it could be said that The Illusive Man was possibly modelled on the idea of a younger Matin Sheen, The Illusive Man's appearance in some of the earlier promos saw him looking slightly different and very much like an actor by the name of Jon Briddell. It is also possible that he ended up being a blend of the two.

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