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Appropriate Responses To People Who Claim Not To Like Cats

This article is a help guide which provides GIFs of some appropriate reactions that you may elicit upon meeting people who claim not to like cats

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"Oh... you don't like cats?"

Today is National Cat Day and the perfect time to discuss cats – as is every other day. Cats have taken over the internet due to their cuteness, intelligence and general faultless nature and everyone loves them in return. However, in real life you will probably have to go out and converse with all kinds of people at various social situations some of these individuals may claim not to like cats. Of course, nobody actually hates cats and the people who say these things are merely seeking attention or are otherwise vessels of unadulterated evil. Taking aside how unthinkable this is, this article will provide GIFs some of the appropriate reactions that you may elicit upon meeting such people.

So the next time you are having a casual conversation with someone and they drop the "I don't like cats" bombshell...

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube

And finally...

Happy National Cat Day everyone!

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