Stingrays Are The Most Underrated Seacreatures

Don’t believe me? They’re the best. Seriously

1. They Swim Effortlessly

Seriously, those things just glide through the water

2. They Love Swimming with People!

Most notably Stingray City (in the Cayman Islands) which has been a human/stingray hang-out for over twenty years

3. They always look happy

Seriously, those creatures are OVERJOYED right now

4. They like to hang out in groups

Just like you and your friends!

5. They come in a variety of colors

They aren’t just gray!

6. They love to be petted

They feel like wet portobello mushrooms.

7. They can high-five

How many sea creatures (okay besides dolphins and seals and walruses) do you know that can high-five!?

8. They appreciate clear water and soft sand as much as you do

9. This is what baby stingrays look like

Seriously, how cute

10. They’re ready for their close up!

11. Stingrays: The Most Underrated Sea Creature of them all

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