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13 Michael Scott Gifs That Relate To Your Life

You and him have a lot in common

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1. When you get any type of surprising good news

Whether it be an extra five dollars on the ground or an extension on a paper you've yet to start

2. When someone questions your habitual ice-cream eating

3. Whenever you don't understand something

Seriously WHAT did your professor/parent/boss/friend just say?

4. Your excuse for pretty much anything

5. Your excitement for the every day

6. After working fourteen hours straight

Or hearing someone say one direction is the best band to have ever existed

7. When your friend is embarrassing you

8. Coming home drunk (or just on a sugar/life high)

9. When someone compliments you

10. When someone is preventing you from doing/getting what you want

11. How you deal with surprises

12. In class/work/any life situation really...

13. Realizing you have to leave your family and loved ones

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