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    Ann Perkins: The Most Underrated Character On "Parks And Rec"

    Leslie Knope is a goddess, Ron Swanson is THE MAN, Andy is the lovable oaf, Tom has the best one-liners, and April is infamous for her dark humor. But Ann has her moments too, and she deserves to shine!

    She knows how to manipulate people

    She adds some major sex appeal to the show

    Anyone remember remember this saucy number?

    Her sassy expressions rival Leslie's

    She's confused, throwing shade, and angry all at once..amazing

    She has great stories

    Look at that face! Still throwing shade at the backhoe

    She's a coy bastard

    But only out of love

    Her breakdowns are almost as good as Leslie's (even if they're not always shown on screen)

    She says the things we are all thinking

    SERIOUSLY. the worst

    She loves singing the classics

    And she gets super into them...

    Spur of the moment realistic reactions? CHECK

    She makes pancakes on demand

    How awesome is that? I bet she'd make you some

    She pushed Leslie to make a move on Ben

    The penis she is referring to is Ben's. Just like the viewers, Ann has always been super into Ben and Leslie

    Her and Leslie are pretty funny drunks

    She's given us one of the best Chick-romances of all time

    Uteruses before Duderetous, Ovaries before Brovaries


    Her love story is pretty compelling (and cute!)


    She's got jokes, too!

    Her and Ben work together!

    She's a devious bastard


    Even her failures are funny

    I didn't think anything could have been worse than her corn husk dolls

    So here's to you, Ann

    You're so much more than okay-YOURE AWESOME

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