19 Things That Just Don’t Make Sense

Is your brain going “WHAT?!” yet?

19. Puppy…Sushi?

Seriously. Why. Why is this happening.

18. Why would a dragon do this!?

Are dragons attracted to cars? Why isn’t it doing cool dragon things like blowing fire and stealing gold…WHY!?

17. What would posses a turtle owner to do this?

And where did they find such a little chef’s hat. Wait…what, I don’t care. Right?

16. Why? How? Why isn’t this at a bar?

What kind of overalls are these? Is the orange power cord a hazard? What possessed him to do this?!

15. Was this even consensual!

Who would agree to this?

14. So many questions…

How long has she been sitting like that? Why is she doing that? Was it consensual? Did she ever fall out…WHY!?

13. Flowers are elegant, chicken wings are NOT

Who okay’d this?

12. This is a CHILD

WHY!? You are messing him up!!

11. Who thought this was appropriate?

Seriously who…and WHY!?

10. Dinosaurs and Kawaii…do NOT mix

Why would someone spend time doing this!?!

9. Who thought this would be a good glamour shot?

Seriously..who and why

8. You took a beautiful model and put a worm head on her…

Why!? and how…but mostly why

7. Was this woman arrested?

WHY did you leave the house with only your fly kicks, girl

6. Just…what…oh my god….

WHY is there a lizard in my bratz beauty salon

5. Why are these children acting like douchey 20-somethings

You have at least a DECADE before you need to be acting like this. WHY. STAY YOUNG FOREVER

4. This goes beyond weird




2. Why is this young girl playing to chickens?

Is she in a cult? Do they understand? Are they magic chickens? WHY


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