100 Reasons Why Summer Rules

As if you needed convincing. Yeah, a lot of these things can be done any time of the year….but there’s something about summer that makes them so much better

1. Going to the beach

3. Summer Music Festivals

4. Making out on the beach

7. Hanging out with friends

8. Exploring the forest

9. Cute beach cover-ups

12. Amusement Parks

14. Everything being in-bloom and alive

16. Lounging by the pool

19. Hanging out at the local watering hole

20. Going to the boardwalk

24. Day trips to the beach

25. Summer Storms

26. Driving with the sunroof down

27. Homemade Smoothies

28. Going on adventures with friends

30. The sound of waves crashing

34. Summer Weddings!

35. Mason jar Crafts

True, these are done throughout the year…but especially in the summer

38. Swimming in the ocean

39. Enjoying porch swings

41. Being barefoot

43. Swimming in the lake

46. Reading on the beach

47. Swimming in a pool

48. Colorful wedges

49. Tie dye parties

51. Summer parties

52. Being weird with your best friends

55. Poolside cocktails

56. Beach bonfires

58. Colorful sandals

61. Fields of wildflowers

66. Friendship bracelets

69. Homemade lemonade

70. Catching fireflies

76. Icecream trucks

77. Mini-herb gardens

78. Waterballon fights

81. Collecting seashells

83. Freshcut grass

84. Sand in between your toes

87. Wandering around late at night

88. Staying in bed all day

89. Sitting on the deck

91. Going to waterparks with friends

94. The Beach at sunset

95. Relaxing with friends

96. Laughing with friends all day

97. Feeling sun on your skin

99. Watergun fights

100. Being FREE!!

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