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13 GIFs From "The Meg" Screening That Prove It's One Massive Thriller

Let’s just say: It made quite the splash. The Meg is now playing in theaters.

1. Things got off to a pretty mega start before the screening at Volente Beach Resort near Austin, Texas.

2. Everyone dove headfirst into the preshow activities.

3. And with such on-brand fun, who wouldn't?

4. The "Host Sharks" and their costumes were a true feast for visitors' eyes.

5. And fans donned some rather suiting outfits as well.

6. All the while pre-film excitement built like a tidal wave.

7. Soon, the audience was prepped for some splashy performances from the cast of The Meg.

8. And just like that, it was time to see whether or not The Meg's bite was as bad as its bark.

9. Turns out, it was.

10. Some thoughts were pretty succinct...

11. ...while others got a bit more grandiose in their descriptions.

12. For some, the film proved to be a learning experience.

13. But it seemed most could agree: The Meg is massive.

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See what all the buzz is about: The Meg is now playing.

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