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  • Ashley Todd the Liar, Updated.

    Just in case you didn’t get to see all the backlash on the original BuzzFeed post, turns out Ashley Todd - she with the backwards B on her face - made up the story about being attacked by an Obama supporter. She has a history of mental issues, and now the McCain camp has to figure out how to cover their asses.

  • Cum Omlette

    It’s the new Cake Farts, with a cheekily misspelled title. NSFW, so move along. We’ll see you later.

  • Why We Drink

    “So you’re sitting at home eating ice cream and feel gross…” Continuing on the world’s fascination with charts and graphs, here’s Current TV’s take on Why We Drink: “There are three types of virgins: A. Virgins by choice, B. Virgins by poor social skills, and C. People who should be in Group B, but claim otherwise for reasons of prestige.” 3-D animated graphs! I want to watch this when I’m drunk.

  • Megan Fox’s lesbian affair

    Just in time to promote How to Lose a Friend and Alienate People, GQ’s getting all excited about Megan Fox gracing their October cover and discussing her alleged relationship with a stripper named Nikita. The Transformers star is hot, but did you also know she’s a master at creating buzzworthy quotes? Describing her tattoos: “a poem I wrote on my ribcage and a symbol for strength on my neck, and my boyfriend Brian’s name tattooed next to my pie”

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