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4 Things You Didn’t Know About CJ Franco

You’ve read the articles about model CJ Franco on TMZ and other pop news sites, but how much do you really know about this bronzed bombshell?

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1. Proud Mama to Milo & Mango

Both rescued as pups, Milo & Mango have become quite the dynamic duo. Featured on the “WAG Times,” these little angels even have their own Instagram handle @milosmalls! Dying...

2. Model for Major Brands & Mags

Maxim South Africa

As a model, CJ has been spotted on the pages of several major publications, including Maxim Magazine and GQ. If you haven’t seen her latest collaborations with138 Water, get ready for some post-summer heat. But maybe a little too hot to handle?

3. Entrepreneur Extraordinaire


According to one interview, after years of modeling numerous brands, CJ was inspired to start her own women’s apparel line: “I began to wonder why many young women, like myself, don’t take the initiative to start their own business?” Currently, she is in the process of launching two brands, Neon Beige (for the girl who didn’t make it to the gym) and Festival Royalty, described on insta as “chic festival styles." Check them out on Instagram @shopneonbeige & @festivalroyals!

4. Comedy Chick

According to an interview with @maximmag, CJ is a comedian to the core. When asked about her career as a comedian, CJ responded that "Comedy was always something I wanted to do, so I began taking improv and sketch writing classes at Upright Citizens Brigade." From her Instagram @lisabise, it looks like the young comedian is also working with a standup group called Pretty Funny Women.

We’ll believe it when we see it, girl. Give us some material!

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