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What It's Like Listening To Beyonce In Your Room By Yourself

It’s a slow night in, and you decide to play some music to boost your spirits. But who should you listen to…

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(Like that's even a question)

"Drunk in Love" plays first and your body begins to involuntarily sway back and forth. / Via

And you be alllllll night….. in looooove.

"Flawless" is up next. Your adrenaline starts pumping as you get a little cocky, imagining yourself on an island drankin' watermeleh. / Via

Sadly, you didn’t wake up as Beyonce. But tomorrow’s a new chance right?

To bring you back to your humble beginnings, "Me, Myself and I" comes on. / Via

You remember how Ray Ron* did you dirty that one time as you sing this anthem to build back up your self-esteem and faith in men.

*The Mindy Project reference. Feel free to insert any name here.

As soon as you start to feel sorry for yourself, you hear Beyonce herself call out to you. / Via

You channel your inner Sasha Fierce as you celebrate the glory of being a single lady. You’ve never put so much attitude into one hand gesture. Hand flip. #werk

You’re in full Queen Bey mode now. You go to catch your breath and you feel yourself Gettin’ Bodied. / Via

You've prepared your entire life for this dance break.

Now that you've got your dance moves down, you really want to show off your vocal range. What better way than to throw it back to them I Am… Sasha Fierce days?

Why can you only hit those high notes when no one else is around!?

*(sidenote: What do I have to do, to sleep next to Michael Ealy? ANSWER ME)

"Countdown" plays next as you feel your shoulders sha-shaying to the beat. / Via

Damn I think I love that boy. Do anything for dat BOI.

Suddenly, that stage five clinger from Tinder texts you again, and you’re just like: "Sorry I can-not hear you, I’m kinda bus-yy." / Via

The only song you weren’t mad at the radio for overplaying.

Then you hear it. / Via


So crazy right now.

Most incredibly.

It’s your girl.


You’re not at all surprised all the words come back to memory even though the song is 10 YEARS OLD NOW.

About this time some parent, roommate, or hater individual unworthy of Beyonce's spirit tries to interrupt, only for you to yell— / Via

To the left, to the left. H4teRz.

And finally, the greatest love song of all love songs, "Love on Top" to conclude your private concert.


A sparkled, purple jumpsuit, WHO DOES THAT? Bey. Bey does.

*invisible mic drop and strut away*

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