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What It's Like Listening To Beyonce In Your Room By Yourself

It’s a slow night in, and you decide to play some music to boost your spirits. But who should you listen to…

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To bring you back to your humble beginnings, "Me, Myself and I" comes on. / Via

You remember how Ray Ron* did you dirty that one time as you sing this anthem to build back up your self-esteem and faith in men.

*The Mindy Project reference. Feel free to insert any name here.


As soon as you start to feel sorry for yourself, you hear Beyonce herself call out to you. / Via

You channel your inner Sasha Fierce as you celebrate the glory of being a single lady. You’ve never put so much attitude into one hand gesture. Hand flip. #werk

Now that you've got your dance moves down, you really want to show off your vocal range. What better way than to throw it back to them I Am… Sasha Fierce days?

Why can you only hit those high notes when no one else is around!?

*(sidenote: What do I have to do, to sleep next to Michael Ealy? ANSWER ME)

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