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A Definitive Ranking Of Sports From Least To Most Confusing

According to a non-sports watcher.

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9. Track/Cross Country/General Running


What makes sense: Everything. The first person to cross the finish line wins. So simple.

What's confusing: Nothing. The winner wins. Every sport should be like this.

8. Baseball


What makes sense: Round the bases, get a point. Three strikes, you're out. Got it.

What's confusing: Why is a bad pitch called a "ball?" What's the deal with stealing bases? Who has the attention span to watch an entire game?

7. Soccer


Nothing but full comprehension here.

Very easy to understand


Makes sense to me!

What's not to get?


I get it, you get it, we all get it.

But really


What makes sense: Get the ball in the other team's net, get a point.

What's confusing: Offsides, penalties, why any player wears a shirt.

6. Hockey


What makes sense: It's like soccer, but on ice. And with sticks. And, unfortunately, way more clothing.

What's confusing: The meaning of the circles on the ice, the puck being too small to see ever.

Also confusing: the penalty box


Hockey puts grown men in a time-out when they get too mad. Hilarious whether you understand it or not.

5. Golf

Salty Pictures / First Street Films / Via

What makes sense: The winner gets the balls into the holes with the least number of tries.

What's confusing: Birdies, bogies, par, general golf lingo.

But honestly the biggest question in golf is why the audience has to be so QUIET.

4. Nascar


What makes sense: Just like in running, the first person wins.

What doesn't make sense: People are driving cars and it somehow counts as a sport. Does my commute count as a sport? Can I earn a trophy?

Also confusing: Why anyone would subject themselves to this


Car wrecks are SO scary and these drivers risk them on the daily. WHY.

3. Basketball

TNT / Via

What makes sense: Get the ball through the hoop to earn points.

What's confusing: Why are regular shots/foul shots/shots outside the curved line worth different amounts? What counts as a foul? Why are there so MANY fouls?

2. Tennis


What makes sense: Hit the ball. If it doesn't get hit back at you, you get a point. Actually I'm not even sure that's how it works, but basically you want to hit the ball.

What's confusing: Terms like "set," and, "love." Also-what is the meaning of those lines on the court?

1. Football: The Most Confusing



What's confusing:

Why do different things earn different numbers of points?!

What is a down?!

What's with the numbered lines on the ground?!

Why does everyone line up at them all the time?!

Why does each round take so long?!


So many rules, so little understanding.

Universal Media Studios / NBCUniversal Television / Via

You can watch all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights and still not know what a quarterback does. If Coach Taylor can't even explain it, you know it's a lost cause.

Anyway, back to Soccer...

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