12 Quotes That Make You Wish F.Scott Fitzgerald Would Write You A Love Letter

No one can make us swoon like the Gatsby author. Zelda, we’re all jealous.

Sure, his relationship with Zelda wasn’t always picture perfect, but our man F. Scott sure knew how to write about love. Here’s just a sampling of beautiful, heart-melting quotes by one of America’s favorite authors.

3. 1.

-The Sensible Thing

4. 2.

- This Side of Paradise

5. 3.

- letter to someone questioning his relationship with Zelda

6. 4.

- personal letter to Zelda

7. 5.

- Tender is the Night

8. 6.

- Tender is the Night

9. 7.

- Flappers and Philosophers

10. 8.

- The Great Gatsby

11. 9.

- Tender is the Night

12. 10.

- The Great Gatsby

13. 11.

- The Beautiful and the Damned

14. 12.

- A New Leaf

15. And just for good measure:

This Side of Paradise

Which one is your favorite? Know any other good ones? Let me know!

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