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11 Reasons You Have To See "The LEGO Movie 2"

The breakout hit that no one saw coming, The LEGO Movie 2 hits the Aussie big screens March 21st.

1. There will be catchy-as-heck music.

2. There will be heart-stopping action!

3. Just about the cutest bad guys in the universe.

4. Plenty of cutesy cartoon melodrama.

5. Layer upon layer upon layer of meta Chris Pratt gags.

6. Stubble. This is a whole reason in itself.

7. Everyone's favourite surly vigilante returns.

8. A freaky alien, voiced by our queen, Tiffany Haddish.

9. Spaaaaaaaaaace!

10. There will be dinosaurs.

11. And plenty of senseless fun.

You'd have to be a real blockhead to miss this movie. But for now get hyped on the AWESOME (had to sneak in one last "awesome") trailer!

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