Is Leonardo DiCaprio God Walking Among Us?

Does anyone else have the overwhelming feeling that Leo is actually our Lord and Saviour? Here’s why we should start worshipping him immediately:

1. Because he looks like THIS in a shiny blue suit:

“I woke up like this… flawless.”

2. … And he looks like THIS when wet whilst wearing a white suit:

Seriously, he should just be wet constantly.

3. Because of THIS facial fuzz:

So fuzzy. So majestic.

4. Because he wears swans around his neck like it’s no big deal.

I’d give up my Netflix account to be that swan.

5. … And he wears dogs as hats.

6. Because don’t even talk to me about Leo in black and white…

7. Like, really. DON’T.

You’re killing us, Leo.

8. Because he pulls faces like this:

Oh, Leo. You so silly.

9. Because the great man himself wouldn’t be caught DEAD wearing his watch on his wrist like the rest of us peasants. No, he wears it the Leo way.


10. … And if you think our Leo uses a petty steering wheel to drive a car, think again, my friend. Think again.

“Steering wheels are for peasants.”

11. Because this is what he’d look like if he went all Jared Leto on us… and also grew breasts.

12. Because look at him all concentrate-y.

13. Because he makes talking on the telephone look effortless.

How does he do it?!

14. Because basically, he’s just better than us in every way.

“Totes just turned water into wine. Cheers, peasants.”

15. Do you REALLY need anymore convincing of his holiness?

No, Leo, we need you.

For the love of, er, Leo, SOMEONE GIVE THAT MAN AN OSCAR.

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