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15 Things Flat-Chested Girls Will Understand

Not exactly got a Kate Upton situation going on in the chestal region? Don't worry, sister, you're not alone. *Stuffs bra with Kleenex*

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1. At the beach, you hear such remarks as: "Hey, why is that thirteen-year-old BOY wearing a bikini?" / Via

HAHA. Good one.

2. You may laugh it off, but inside you're all like:

3. When you lie down... they disappear.


Magic boobies.

4. You often have to stop and check they're still there.


Phew, thought I'd lost 'em for a sec.

5. Because you're flatter than an airport runway, people actually have to stare at your face instead.

Fox / Via

6. When buying alcohol, no one believes your ID is real.



7. "I soooooo wish I had smaller boobs. Mine just get in the way!" is pretty much the most dangerous sentence to utter to a girl with pancake boobies.

HBO / Via

Girl better watch her back.

8. And we don't appreciate "Calm yo' tits", either.


Don't patronise me. You don't know my life.

9. But hey, it's not all bad!

NBC / Via

10. Heading to a fancy dress party? No problem. There are so many awesome things you can go as. Like this:

11. Or this:

12. Or this:

13. And without two planets attached to your chest, you absolutely dominate the limbo.


14. ... And with all that extra space in your pancake holders, you can keep all your personal belongings in them. Purse, keys, phone, laptop, extra large Domino's pizza... the list is endless.

CBS / Via

15. So embrace your non-existent boobies, ladies. You're pretty much stuck with them anyway... and remember that we... CAN DO THIS: / Via

Small boobs rule!

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