9 People Who Take Sports Way Too Seriously

Are you comfortable in your league? Hardcore fanaticism is as old as sport itself, and there are no limits to what fans will do to show their pride. Ruxin, Kevin, Andre and the other members of The League have no boundaries when proving their love of fantasy football, but check out these nine fans below who also have the potential to be way too comfortable in their league. Embrace the crazy sports fan in you and watch The League. Thursdays at 10:30P only on FX.

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Sure, Jeff Gordon might be the most well-known and respected NASCAR driver, but nothing about this tattoo is respectable.


What does this phrase have to do with the talent of a football player?


Sure, the Flobots song was good, but not good enough that you should ever tattoo handlebars on yourself.


Literally everyone knows that no-one has ever been able to pull off the “inside-lip tattoo” look, and certainly not for as miserable a team as the Detroit Tigers.


It’s not that bad. It’ll be fine. You just have to get the UNIVERSITY to change ITS name.


Getting a tattoo saluting John Elway is fine. Sure. But did you really have to make it almost life-size? Up your whole leg? Really?


Even the UFC Championship belt has never been this large.


This one is included because it’s just sad. He may love baseball, but not enough to make sure that the baseball is round. :(

And here’s one person who did it right.

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