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15 Ways To Hit Reset When You Hit The Afternoon Slump

Feelin' that afternoon low? Sit up straight, slap your face, and read on.

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1. Look at an amusing GIF. Like this one of cute baby goats!


2. Learn a cool fact! Here's one about squids: Every squid has three hearts. WOW!


Learn more about squids here.

3. Compose a tweet that will change the world and warm the souls of everyone you've ever loved.

4. Pop into a café and take espresso shots with your co-workers!


5. Go do 15 jumping jacks in a conference room.


6. Go for a brisk walk outside.


7. And while you're there, grab a snack with a friend!


8. Fall into a #decor #decorating #decoration hole. / Via

Maybe you'll be so inspired that you'll redo your entire bedroom/desk/house/life!

9. Set a calendar reminder for your entire office to stand up and all do power poses together.

Tara Parian / BuzzFeed

10. Photoshop yourself into gorgeous landscape images, and pretend you're on vacation.

Thinkstock, BuzzFeed

11. Find the best anagram of your name.


Who knows — your name could be rearranged to spell "Can Slice Ye!"

12. Make a playlist for your next party or karaoke session.


13. Search for a new desktop background.

Breno Machado / Ståle Grut / Shannon Richards / Matthew Wiebe / David Mao / Samuel Zeller / Maja Petric / Josh Felise / Kiran Valipa / Sarah Bürvenich / Aleksandra Boguslawska / Via

14. Find out how quickly you can type.


Take an online test that calculates your WPM (words per minute). Then try to beat it!

15. Corral everyone into singing "Happy Birthday" to a co-worker whose birthday isn't today. / Via BuzzFeed Violet

For an extra boost to your day, savor snack time and enjoy creamy, savory The Laughing Cow cheese.

Courtesy of Bel Brands The Laughing Cow