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13 Things That Would Happen If Cheese Didn't Exist

Cheese reinvented the world. Reinvent snacking with The Laughing Cow cheese.

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What would we do without cheese?!

1. Cows would face unprecedented unemployment.

2. Macaroni would have lost its lifelong companion.

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3. And charcuterie would feel so friendless.

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4. Crackers would be, like, the saddest and driest things ever.


5. Fondue would be SO confusing.

What are all these crazy gadgets for?!

6. SO many inventions would have been for naught.

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7. Quesadillas would just be tortillas...

8. ...and grilled cheese would be toast.

Get it??

Get it??

9. The state of Wisconsin would have an identity crisis.

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10. Sandwiches would be tragedies...

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11. ...and wine would be forever alone.

12. French culture would be très triste.

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13. And basically everything would taste much, much worse.

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Thank goodness for cheese.

Thank goodness for The Laughing Cow.

Thank goodness for The Laughing Cow.