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12 Awesome DIY Ideas To Help Boost Your Snack Game

Your snack game may be strong, but make it even stronger with these genius DIY tips.

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1. Make cute labeled jars for storing your snacks.

Courtesy of Creme de la Craft / Via

All you need is your base paint, chalkboard paint, some chalk, and — voilà! — your snacks are nice and cozy in some adorable little jars.

4. Easily access your spices with this hanging wall project.

Courtesy of Freckled Laundry / Via

Using some wire and nails, you can add an easily accesable spice rack. Now a touch of flavor for your snacks is always in reach.

6. Grow herbs indoors with this DIY garden.

Courtesy of Curbly / Via

If you don't have any space outdoors for a garden, this DIY planter is perfect for indoor growing. Build your own and enjoy the fruits (or spices) of your labor.

8. Paint the edges of bamboo cutting boards.

Courtesy of Idle Wife / Via

Follow this DIY project to brighten your cutting board game. Make them dual purpose and use the cutting board as a charcuterie tray too!

11. Save space in your cabinet by using mint containers for your spices.

Courtesy of Seattle Sundries / Via

This hack ​saves space and keeps your spices looking delightfully uniform. For easy finding, write their names on the container's side and top.

12. Display your tea by using a colorful wreath.

Courtesy of Kojo Designs / Via

When having friends over, help them easily pick their teas out by using a cute wreath made out of clothespins. Get the tutorial here.

Now that your kitchen is crafty and organized, it's time to snack curiously. Grab your herbs, spices, and some of The Laughing Cow® cheese and enjoy!

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