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14 Cows That Are Too Cute To Handle

Because cows are totally adorable, hilarious, and underrated!

1. This cow whose snout could kill you with cuteness:

2. This fluffy little calf... or is it a teddy bear in disguise?

Who knew cows could be so soft and cuddly?

3. This cow who's in NECK RUB HEAVEN:

Who can blame her?

4. This cow who's just chillin' at the beach, super casual-like:

Nothing can compare to feeling your feet (or hooves) in the ocean.

5. This cow who perfectly embodies the ^_^ face:

thskyt / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: thskyt

Now THAT'S the look of contentment.

6. This cow who literally doesn't even care what you think:

7. This cow who just wants a new BFF:

"This means we're friends now, right?"

8. And this cow who HAS a new BFF:

Dogs + cows = the best unlikely animal friendship.

9. This calf who could stop wars with its adorable face:


Look at those doe eyes.

10. This cow who thinks she's a dog:

Discovery / Via

"Moo... I mean woof!"

11. This cow who proves that overprotective parenting exists across the entire animal kingdom:

tillsonburg / Getty Images

BRB, heart melting.

12. This cow who photobombed a landscape:

"Hi! I'll just step into your picture here."

13. This cow who can't possibly have a single care in the world:

Literally the most delightful animal ever.

14. And this cow who simply thinks life is hilarious:

Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy / Getty Images

Who can argue with a face like that?

In conclusion, cows are the best.

They know how to kick back, enjoy life, AND look adorable at the same time.

Savor life's most enjoyable moments with The Laughing Cow.