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14 Reasons You Need To Start Thinking About Retirement Right Now

Let's face it -- you're not getting any younger. And, unless you want to live your golden years bunking it with your grandson Timmy, it's time to start thinking of your retirement.

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1. We've got some news for you...

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2. Once retirement rolls around, would you rather be this guy...

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...or this guy?

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3. If you chose option B, you've got some planning to do.

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4. Retirement is not cheap. And the cost of basic necessities — like housing and food — is only going up.

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5. Think about it -- a burger used to cost five cents.

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Now they cost $5.

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Which means, at that rate, a burger will cost you $500 when you're ready to retire.

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6. And what if you want to go travelling?

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7. Or pick up gardening??

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8. Or take your grandchildren to the movies???

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9. But how will you afford all those things once you’re retired?

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10. You could start saving your unused income.

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11. Or get help from your employer!

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12. But don't count on your employer too much...

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13. In fact...

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14. Which means, if you'd like to retire with dignity, you can either pray for a miracle...

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…or start thinking about retirement now. Here’s how the labour movement is working to improve retirement security for everyone.

Facts from Canadian Labour Congress