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    A Definitive Ranking Of Queen Amidala's Handmaidens

    The leading lady of the Star Wars prequels, Padmé Amidala, is probably most remembered for three things: her hair, her clothes, and the fact that literally everyone was trying to kill her. During her time as a Queen and later Senator, it fell to sixteen women to make sure that she both stayed alive and looked good while doing it. Trained in combat and ever at her side, these were The Handmaidens.

    15. Saché

    IMDb / Via

    Sofia Coppola filmed a cameo as Queen Amidala's fifth handmaiden in The Phantom Menace. But while you can spot her in the first third of the film, she wasn't bothered to show up to film the funeral and parade scenes at the end. Nil points for Saché.

    Trivia: Saché appears in the game Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided wearing a very Amidala-esque outfit.

    14. Umé

    Rebel's Haven / Via

    Umé is ranked low because she is a traitorous snake. Her former employer, Senator Padmé Amidala, isn't even in the ground before Umé's got a new gig working for Queen Apailana. She even brings her new boss to Padmé's funeral! That's cold.

    Trivia: She's totally evil.

    13. Yané and Miré

    Wookieepedia / Via

    These two are ranked together because virtually nothing is known about them other than the fact that they're both human females. Yané is one of Queen Amidala's handmaidens in The Phantom Menace, but she disappears after the first act. (Did she die?). Miré worked for Padmé when she became Senator, but you can only spot her at the funeral in Revenge of the Sith.

    Trivia: Miré's outfit is a recycled handmaiden costume from The Phantom Menace.

    12. Hollé

    Wookieepedia / Via

    Hollé's only appearance is at Padmé's funeral, solemnly mourning the death of her mistress. Or maybe she was just upset about having to walk behind Jar Jar Binks?

    Trivia: Hollé was played by Natalie Portman's stand-in, Holly Stringer.

    11. Ellé

    Poor Ellé! Australian actress Chantal Freer only had one scene in Revenge of the Sith, welcoming Senator Amidala back home along with Moteé. Unfortunately, it was deleted — along with the amazing poncho hoodies you see above.

    Trivia: Ellé might be one of the 10+ handmaidens in the funeral scene. Unfortunately, that scene's so dark, not even dedicated handmaiden fan sites can tell.

    10. Versé

    The Padawan's Guide / Via

    Versé is played by an uncredited actress and appears in the background of a single scene. But I'm ranking her highly for the simple fact that no one else loved her. After the explosion that destroys her starship, Padmé runs to check on Cordé and give her comfort during her dying moments. Meanwhile, poor Versé is strewn just feet away, dying cold and alone on a cement floor. WE REMEMBER YOU, VERSÉ.

    Trivia: No one knows anything about Versé.

    9. Dané

    Wookieepedia / Via

    Who is Dané, you ask? Well, she may not have actually been in the movies, but this ginger handmaiden trainee was one of the stars of a The Phantom Menace roleplaying game (Star Wars: Invasion of Theed Adventure Game, to be precise!).

    Trivia: According to the Star Wars Wiki, Dané eventually quit to become a contract killer (?!!).



    Fay David was a visual effects technician who stood in for Sofia Coppola to play Saché during pick-up photography on The Phantom Menace. She joked that her character should actually be named "Fé", and Lucasfilm eventually chose to make Saché and Fé separate characters. Fé even had a bio on the old

    Trivia: Fay David also played Jedi Master Luminara Unduli in Revenge of the Sith.

    7. Eirtaé

    Wookieepedia / Via

    While you probably didn't even notice her, Eirtaé was in virtually every one of Queen Amidala's scenes in The Phantom Menace. And while she may not have had any lines whatsoever, Eirtaé wore seven different outfits. That's more than Han Solo wears during the entire original trilogy!

    Trivia: Eirtaé is the only non-brunette handmaiden we ever see in the films.

    6. Moteé

    Rebel's Haven / Via

    Who was that poised, stylish, and slightly-out-of-focus brunette sitting behind Padmé during that one scene in Revenge of the Sith, you ask? Well, that was Moteé. She was one of the few people to know about Padmé's pregnancy and secret marriage to Anakin Skywalker.

    Trivia: She was supposed to be killed by battle droids on Mustafar, but that got cut from the script days before filming began.

    5. Teckla

    Wookieepedia / Via

    Poor Teckla. Not only was she the odd one out (no "é" in her name!), but Senator Amidala kept her awfully busy. Along with having her clean her wigs, Amidala sent Teckla on an espionage mission(!) to detonate a bomb(!!), and her reward was being killed by a sniper(!!!). What's worse, Amidala barely reacted to the news.

    Trivia: While most famous for her Clone Wars appearances, you can also spot Teckla in Attack of the Clones, serving Anakin a plate of pears.

    4. Cordé

    Rebel's Haven / Via

    Cordé was Padmé Amidala's decoy when she became Senator, and was killed at the start of Attack of the Clones. Like Teckla, she died in the line of duty. But why was she so surprised? "I failed you, Senator," she said, not seeming to realize that "DIE" was in her job description.

    Trivia: Natalie Portman plays Cordé when she's walking down the ramp, to maintain the illusion that it's really Padmé. It only switches to Veronica Segura after the explosion.

    3. Rabé

    Rebel's Haven / Via

    Rabé rocked. Not only was she a good shot with a blaster, according to Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary she also created all of Queen Amidala's hairstyles! One can only hope she went on to become Naboo's leading fashion blogger after she graduated from handmaiden duties.

    Trivia: In The Phantom Menace, Rabé is briefly heard speaking to a guard who was played by Dominic West! (You know, from The Wire!)

    2. Sabé

    Wookieepedia / Via

    For a full third of The Phantom Menace, the girl you thought was "Queen Amidala" was in fact Keira Knightley, playing the role of Sabé, the Queen's decoy. To maintain the illusion, this was kept pretty hush hush. But Sabé developed a big fan base regardless, and according to at least 8,000 fan fiction pieces, she had a steamy love affair with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Trivia: Keira told Graham Norton she played the real Queen Amidala in several wide shots because sometimes Natalie Portman "wanted to go home early".

    1. Dormé

    Royal Handmaiden Society / Via

    Dormé was played by Rose Byrne, so she pretty much wins by default. But let's not ignore her many accomplishments and virtues. She sits! She packs! She cries! She has four costume changes despite only having two lines! While her fate beyond Attack of the Clones is unknown, we can only assume that she went on to have a lasting political career or at least star in a string of successful summer comedies.

    Trivia: Rose was acting in a play with Leeanna Walsman (who played the assassin Zam Wesell) when both were cast in Attack of the Clones.