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5 Potential "Spice World 2" Storylines

Hold on to your knickers, girls!

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In 1997, the Spice Girls bestowed upon the universe one of the greatest cinematic experiences of all time: "Spice World: The Movie".

It featured aliens, Roger Moore, and some of the most impressive special effects known to cinema.

But in a world of endless reboots and spin-offs, why hasn't there been a sequel yet?

2016 will be the 20th anniversary of "Wannabe" (#youareold). Now is the perfect time for a sequel to "Spice World". To save the living embodiments of Girl Power time, here are 5 story ideas.

Let us start with one they cruelly teased in the original but never followed up on...

1. "Spice Force Five"

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In the original, Mel C asks, "What happened to the bomb on the bus?". We hear an explosion. It cuts to black. For many Spice fans, this was a cliffhanger that led to countless sleepless nights.

"Spice Force Five" would see the girls recruited by MI5 and trained in the arts of explosives, espionage, and "being Victoria". Finally, they're set on a mission to discover which dastardly organization planted the bomb in the first place (All Saints?! BSB???) and take them DOWN.

2. "Outer Spice Girls"

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Tasked by the Queen to make England the first country to have pop stars perform on Mars, the Spice Girls train at whatever the British equivalent of NASA is and jet off into space. But en route to Mars, they encounter a fleet of alien warships! Before they can zig-a-zig-ahhh on the red planet, the girls must rely on their wits to prevent an alien invasion of Earth!

They've even already got a theme tune: "Outer Space Girls"!

3. "Spice Toy Story"

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With limited attic space, a young mother passes her most prized heirlooms down to her 8-year old daughter: her Spice Girls Barbie collection. But as the One Direction and Bratz dolls grow in number by the day, the Spice Barbies must find a way to prove how amazing they are.

Is the dumpster just a head-twist away?

4. "The Search for Posh"

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In "Spice World II: The Search for Posh", Victoria Beckham has abandoned the pop world for a career in fashion. But with an anniversary show right around the corner, Mel B, Mel C, Emma, and Geri must embark on a perilous journey across deserts, oceans, and fashion runways to find their wayward bandmate and convince her to return.

As Posh herself said in the original movie: "Would this work with only four? No way, girl! We need one more!"

5. "Spice Girls 2000"

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We open on Christmas Day, 1999. The girls are all doing their own thing. Geri's released a solo album, Mel C's chopped her hair off, Victoria's married David, Emma's recording music, and Mel B's hanging out with Mini-Me.

Suddenly, their old manager Clifford arrives from the future to tell them that if they don't release a new five-piece Spice Girls album by January 1, 2000, the universe will collapse upon itself and/or platform shoes will go out of fashion. Cue madness, mayhem, and a third Spice Girls album that actually sounds like a Spice Girls album and not a collection of Destiny's Child castoffs...

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