12 Things You’ll Be Surprised To Learn About Steve Jobs

Where do you think he owned the most valuable stock? Not Apple. Catch Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, in theaters August 16.

1. Steve Jobs was adopted.

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2. His hygiene was so bad, he was put on the night shift at Atari.

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3. Steve Jobs never put a license plate on his car, exploiting a loophole by getting a new car every 6 months.

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4. For 10 years, Steve Jobs’ annual salary was $1.

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He still made a fortune off of his stock options, among other things.


5. His stock in Disney was worth much more than his stock in Apple.

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The Disney stock was part of the deal for his sale of Pixar.


6. Jobs was offered an internship with HP when he was in the 8th grade.

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7. “Apple” was almost called “Executek.”

Dirk Haun / Via Flickr: dhaun

Jobs thought “Apple” helped take business connotations off the word “computer.”


8. Jobs was so upset that Steve Wozniak was Apple employee #1 that he had his employee number changed from #2 to #0.

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9. During the Lewinsky scandal, Former President Clinton contacted Jobs to ask for advice.

Emily Steele / Buzzfeed


10. Jobs’ high school GPA was a 2.65.

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11. Steve Jobs was a pescatarian.

Jerry “Woody” / Via Flickr: woodysworld1778

He didn’t eat chicken, beef, or pork, but he ate fish, eggs, and dairy.


12. After dropping out of college, Jobs couch-surfed with friends for months.

Sam DeLong / Via Flickr: bfsminid


Check out Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in the upcoming film Jobs:

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