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10 Seinfeld Situations That Smartphones Would Completely Change

Technology has changed everything. It turns out that Seinfeld would have lost some of its best jokes had the show been made today because everyone would most likely have a cellphone. This is by no means a complete list, just some of the earlier ones.

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1. The Chinese Restaurant

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George probably would have just texted Tatiana, and this classic would have been lost.

2. The Phone Message

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This whole episode would probably be lost as it relies almost solely on the answering machine concept.

3. The Parking Garage

Jerry, Elaine, and George are kicked out of the woman's car and they are at Kramer's car. If cellphones were involved they could call/text Kramer and that would be that. Plus, George could have called his parents to tell them he was going to be late.

4. The Stranded

This classic Kramer joke would have been lost...

KRAMER: I'm sorry.

JERRY: Hey, it's okay.

KRAMER: I had the directions on the seat right next to me, they flew out the window.

ELAINE: Then how did you find the place?

KRAMER: Well I knew the exit on the Long Island Expressway, and I thought that the address was 8713 Riviera Drive. Uh uh, so I drove around knocking on everybody's doors that had those numbers; 8317, 7813, 3718, 1837, whoo. Finally, I hit it. 8173.

Kramer would just use his phone's GPS to find the address, or if not a call to jerry would have gotten it.

5. The Boyfriend, Part 1

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Jerry probably would have answered his cellphone which would have killed this situation.

6. The Keys

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Jerry could have gotten hold of Elaine on her phone to get his keys from her, or let her know he and George were going to get the keys.

7. The Bubble Boy

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When Jerry loses George on the highway he could have called him to find out where he was, and "the bubble boy" would be a completely different situation.

8. The Airport

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A simple call would avoid Kramer and George not knowing where Jerry and Elaine are going to be.

10. The Movie

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Another episode that would be completely lost. it is a good thing that Seinfeld wasn't made in a time of smartphones because a world without these jokes would be a sad place.

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