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Kitchen Confidential: EDM Recipes From The Jane Doze

In honor of Spinnin' Records casual dismissal of female musicians back to the kitchen, we've whipped up a few sweet recipes for our fans.

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As The Jane Doze, we use CD-Js to spin our music at live shows, so we’re very excited by this news. We've just been using that boring old "boy equipment" when we play sold out shows around the world!

1. House Salad

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1. Whisk together dressing ingredients in a heavy metal bowl. Beat aggressively. Like, seriously aggressive beats.

2. Spin the lettuce.

3. Chop up some fresh beats and add to the salad. Timing is crucial— don't dilly-dally. We recommend adding 128 beats per minute.

4. Serve it up to thousands of screaming fans.


2. Mash-up Potatoes

Joe Gough /

1. Gather a bunch of potatoes. Some people say it's even harder when you work with potatoes from different varieties, but we think that makes it extra tasty.

2. Use an electronic mixer to blend thoroughly— you don't want any rough chunks. Don’t let this part throw you for a loop. Just keep at it.

3. Once smooth, upload it to Soundcloud and watch it go to #1 on Hype Machine.

3. Marinated Bass Fillet

1. Although some people like their fillets light and flaky, we prefer cuts that are big and meaty.

2. Now’s your cue to marinate that fillet with your favorite seasonings. Be generous. You’ll really want to make the flavors dance.

3. After you take it off the grill, drop that bass on stage at Ultra.


All this music in the kitchen is really catching on! A few of our friends couldn’t wait to show us what they’ve been cooking. If you want to share yours, show us what you’re cooking up to stop #stovetopsexism.

Not a microphone bun person? No problem, here is actress Sophia Bush and Emily Greener, co-founder of I Am That Girl serving up a piping hot dish of fresh beats straight from the oven.

Photo courtesy of The Jane Doze / BuzzFeed

And really who doesn't love a good beat?

Special thanks to sous chef Anneke Jong for all her help in the kitchen.