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    9 Ways Ariel Sharon Earned The Nickname "Arik, King Of Israel"

    Hint: He didn't do it the easy way.

    1: He was impervious to fear.

    2: He stopped Egypt from overrunning Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

    3: He fought or led in every one of Israel's major conflicts until his stroke in 2006.

    4: As Prime Minister, he was a "man of peace."

    5: Sharon was directly responsible for creating the Israel's first dedicated Special Forces unit.

    6: It took Sharon to stop the Palestinian War of Terror against Israeli civilians in the Second Intifada.

    7: Sharon built a fence that saved lives.

    8: Sharon built hundreds of thousands of homes for Russian immigrants.

    9: Sharon led an armored unit in the Six Day War that collapsed Egypt's lines in less than 24 hours.