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What Random Book Should You Read Next?

SciFi and Fantasy novel recommendations ahead, so grab your favorite reading beverage and a comfy chair, and get ready for adventure!

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  1. Which protagonist do you want to read about next?

    A moody and broken one, with a little bit of sass.
    One who is decisive and humble, willing to admit to and learn from mistakes.
    Must be badass and the fist of Justice - despite all odds.
    Someone intelligent and savage.
    A trailblazer who sets new precedents.
    Harry Potter
    A party of travelers intent on saving the world.
    A young person, clumsy and curious.
  2. What genre (or mix) are you interested in reading?
    Lots of Fantasy with slightly dark themes
    Lots of Fantasy and light themes
    Little bit of Fantasy with very dark themes
    Just Science Fiction
    A little mix of both Science Fiction and Fantasy
    Something more familiar, but with magical elements.
    Epic Fantasy
  3. What would you do if you woke up to the zombie apocalypse one morning?
    Find a way to corral the zombies until a cure was found. They're people too, right?
    Sneak out of school and handle it with my friends while the "adults" stand around and argue.
    Start a quest to not only destroy the zombies, but their evil master as well.
    Hide in my bunker and break out the whiskey. It's not my job to get rid of them.
    Lead the neighborhood to set up a perimeter of safety so that we can live in relative peace.
    Let my military training take over. Know when to fight and when to flee. Utilize all resources.
    Help the City Watch get civilians out and use my ghost contacts to find the stragglers.
    Find a way to turn the zombies into my own army of undead.
  4. What would you do if your crush started dating your best friend?
    I'd be happy for them.
    I'd consider it a betrayal, but if confronted about it I'd probably realize that holding a grudge isn't worth it.
    I'd imprison everyone they both held dear, count to ten slowly over the course of a few years, then release them. Because I am an adult who can deal with my anger issues.
    I'd congratulate them, but then move very far away. Holidays would be slightly uncomfortable...
    My best friend and my crush would NEVER get along. I'll pick up a few extra missions and let them figure that out on their own.
    I'd give them the silent treatment, but I'd speak through a mutual friend if I really need to tell them something.
    There's no one in these barren wastelands to have a crush on EXCEPT by best friend. This could work for me...
    I didn't even realize I had a crush on them until now, so I'm pretty heartbroken.
  5. If a stranger in desperate need asked you for help with a just cause, what would you do?
    I'd carefully gather all available information and gauge my chances of success first, but I'd still say yes.
    I'd let my friends in on it and we'd help the person together.
    Absolutely I would help them. I am a champion of Justice.
    I'd find a way to help them and still stay on course with what I need to accomplish.
    I'd ask what was in it for me.
    I'm unsure of how much help I'd be, but I'd still help.
    I'll volunteer for the dangerous stuff immediately, but only if my whole party can come and show me the way.
    I'd make sure that it didn't interfere with my current responsibilities, but I'd help.
  6. How would you handle the death of a loved one?
    I'd be so full of incessant angst that my friends would be at a loss for how to comfort me.
    I would cry and cradle them close as the world burned around us.
    I'd close that chapter of my life entirely, move, and begin a new one from the bottom of a whiskey barrel.
    I'd internalize the pain if anyone asked, but I'd cry on my own for weeks after.
    I'd salvage their implants and replay our favorite memories together whenever I missed them.
    I have many enemies, so it must have been murder. I will seek vengeance and raze them all to the ground!
    I will bury them and leave them at peace, mourning in my own way but moving on.
    That's never happened to me, so I don't know how I will react. I know I'm not prepared though.
  7. How do you feel about dragons?
    I don't believe they exist.
    I've only heard of them in legends.
    I'd rather not face one alone without gods-blessed steel and fireproof clothes.
    My brother works with them in Romania...
    Whatever it is I will mount its head on my wall and use its skin as a rug.
    My Uncle stole from one once.
    Dragons didn't exist up until recently, but with the way things are now... Well I wouldn't be surprised if one moved into the White House.
    About what?
  8. How do you like your eggs?
    I don't like eggs.
    Shared, if there are enough to go around.
    In powder form and in an airtight package so they don't float around the ship. Just in case we lose gravity.
    Scrambled, like my enemies.
  9. If you had to attack a stronghold to save your friends, how would you do it?
    I would call in a debt long overdue and attack with an army of the dead.
    A stronghold? I would conquer and burn their entire kingdom around them until they begged me to take THEIR friends.
    I would sneak in like an assassin in a cloud of shadow and rescue them, but we'd have to wing it on the way out.
    I'd bring my entire space navy. I don't deal well with threats.
    The gods favor me. I would go alone, allow my own capture, and break them out from the inside.
    I'd make more friends and get their help.
    I'd try to catch the kidnapper on my own.
    First I'd gather allies, then plan the best way to lay siege to the place.
  10. What do you do to relax?
    Read a book!
    Volunteer in my community.
    Hit the gym.
    Plan out how I'm going to conquer the next kingdom on my list.
    Head to the local joke shop.
    Lay in the grass and name the clouds.
    Play some music.

What Random Book Should You Read Next?

You got: Broken Blade, by Kelly McCullough

You like your heroes with a little bit of sass, and you like them to be relate-able. You may not live in a world fraught with magic and danger, but everyone can relate to pulling themselves out of a low point in life, and that's exactly where Aral the jack - formerly Aral Kingslayer - starts.

Broken Blade, by Kelly McCullough book cover
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You got: Terrier by Tamora Pierce

You're ready for adventure with a strong female who can take care of herself - and those around her. Beka Cooper may only be at the beginning of her journey towards justice, but she's definitely coming in strong.

Terrier by Tamora Pierce book cover
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You got: Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon

You want Science Fiction, and you want it now! You're ready to jump from planet to planet with Ky Vatta and her crew, taking on pirates, helping refugees, and using your smarts to outwit anyone who would take advantage of you.

Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon book cover
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You got: Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

You're a very savvy reader and not afraid to delve into dark places to find a story that suits you, just as the tortured Prince Jorg will stop at nothing for what is rightfully his.

Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence book cover
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You got: Dies the Fire by S. M. Sterling

You're a involved reader who takes the world with a grain of salt. Not only do you probably have a plan for any potential apocalypse, but you'll probably take notes as you read this book. Maybe not, but just in case physics change so drastically we're hurtled back into the middle ages, you might want to add a sword to your apocalypse inventory.

Dies the Fire by S. M. Sterling book cover
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You got: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J. K. Rowling

Let's be honest here. If you haven't read this inspiring beauty, isn't it time? And if you have, give it a revisit. It will always be good. Always.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J. K. Rowling
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You got: The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

You're a reader with stamina! You're ready for beautiful, long-winded descriptions, and a twisting good-vs-evil narrative that stays with you long after you've put the books down. This series is epic, and well worth the read.

The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien
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You got: Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

You're a reader who loves to be plunged into the story headfirst so you can figure it out along the way. Incarceron does exactly that, but what it lacks in orientation for the reader it easily makes up in unique narrative. Beware the prison, reader!

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
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