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Young Couple Avoids Property Ladder By Buying A Boat!

With housing prices continuing to soar, what's a millennial to do? Buy a boat!

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It doesn't really come as a surprise now to hear about people moving into accommodation that isn't your bog standard two-up two-down bricks and mortar house. It's not a secret that people are struggling to buy homes, or keeping them once they've bought them, and it's not much better renting either.

Which is why we now have more and more alternative ways of living cropping up.

Once we arrived back in the UK after travelling Europe for 18 months in our VWT4 van (I'm highly aware we sound like super hipsters right now), we immediately began the search for a place to live, and the thought of moving onto a boat seemed so damn appealing.

Not long after we found our beautiful boat Bertha; previously owned by a Yurt building Buddhist, she had such a wonderful chilled out vibe with her wood cladded walls and cosy woodburner, that we promptly said "we'll buy her!" and dove head first into life on the water. And the rest is history. Oh we also adopted a cat since then who we can safely say is a pro at canal front crawl.

Once we told our friends and family, co-workers and people we met (we do draw the line at mentioning it to every single person we pass in the street) that we live on a boat, we had an overwhelming response of others admitting they'd love to do the same.

So have a peek around our boat, maybe we can convince you to join us on the canals too!

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