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Superhero Fashion Don'ts

Even if you have superpowers, it doesn't always mean you have super fashion sense. These superheroes fight criminals while committing fashion crimes of their own! Here are some of the most silly looking, spandex-clad, superheroes of all-time.

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1. The Aquabats

Oh Aquabats! You look like you just jumped out of a ska show with your man-capris and absurd belt buckles. Your drawn-on-mustache is manly, but let's be honest — the ability to grow real facial hair might be a better superpower for you. Luckily, your action packed super-skills make up for your questionable sense of fashion. "The Aquabats! Super Show!" is an outrageous blend of live-action and animated crime-fighting spoofs aimed at kids of all ages Saturdays at 11AM ET/8AM PT on The Hub TV Network.

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2. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


It's really hard to take these guys seriously. Did their training come from cheerleaders or Bruce Lee? And let's talk about their white boots. How do they keep them sparkly white (even after Labor day)?

4. The Greatest American Hero


Okay, why isn't Captain America the "Greatest American Hero?" He at least had stars and stripes on his costume. This costume right here, unfortunately, makes no sense at all. But at least the red compliments his shaggy, "I'm in a boy band" hair.

6. Adam West's Live-Action Batman


The eyebrows on top of the mask really make facial expressions pop, huh? Speaking of the mask, don't the ears look more cat-like than bat-like? And what is up with the bat-logo? Looks like someone just ironed it on the polyester. (If that's even possible!)

8. Adrianne Palicki As Wonder Woman


Are you ever tired of putting your shoes on after putting on your leggings? Never fear. Wonder Woman's boot-leggings are for you. Where do the boots end and the leggings begin? You'll never have to wonder again. But honestly, guys, how is running in a tube-top practical at all?