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8 Signs Your Parents Are Definitely Criminals

There's a thin line between devoted parent and smooth criminal.

Your parents might seem like normal, goofy parents...

...but could they also be criminal masterminds?

1. Let's review: Are your parents flush with extra cash lately?

2. Have they been behaving differently than they normally would?

3. Or saying things they wouldn't normally say?

4. Have they gotten interested in any bizarre new hobbies recently?

5. Are they dressing waaaaay differently than they ever have before?

6. Are they using flamethrowers much more frequently than they did in the past?

7. Have they committed any insane acts of gruesome violence in the basement lately?

8. Do they get very defensive when you question them about the changes in their behavior?

If you answered "OMG, YES" to any of these questions, then there's a good chance your parents are actually criminals. But hey, at least they're criminal masterminds, right?

Images courtesy of New Line/Village Roadshow/Warner Bros.

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