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8 Reasons You Need To See "The Hateful Eight" On A Big Screen

Tarantino, Tarantino, Tarantino, Tarantino. There's four reasons right there. The Hateful Eight – showing in glorious Ultra Panavision at selected 70mm cinemas from 14 January and everywhere else 21 January.

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1. There have only been 10 other movies filmed like this EVER.

This will be only the 11th movie shot using Ultra Panavision 70. This technique uses actual film so you see everything bigger and in much more detail than digital, with special lenses. It also hasn't been used since 1966.

2. It's Quentin Tarantino's eighth feature-length film and he's gone on record saying he might only make 10 films.

All eight of Tarantino's movies exist in three connected universes: the Realer Than Real universe, Movie Movie universe, and Elmore Leonard universe. The Movie Movie universe consists of Kill Bill and movies that characters from the Realer Than Real universe (like Pulp Fiction) would go watch. The third, the Elmore Leonard Universe, only contains Jackie Brown, which shares a detective character with another director's film.

3. He also filmed it with award-winning cinematographer Robert Richardson.

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That's multiple-award-winning Robert Richardson (JFK with Oliver Stone, The Aviator, and Hugo with Martin Scorsese). The Hateful Eight could be his fourth nod, a history-making moment.

4. Tarantino's on a mission to save the act of actually going to the movies.

This movie is Tarantino's way of reminding people of how amazing the tradition of going to an actual cinema is and why that experience can't be beat with a laptop or smartphone.

5. There's a mystery to solve.

Of course this was written by the guy who wrote one of the most intense bar scenes ever. So what the hell is going to happen when you have eight strangers stuck inside a cabin during a blizzard... Why are they so hateful? Is anyone a good guy? Are they all bad guys? Tense AF.

6. Our favourite Tarantino collaborators also return. Including Samuel L. Jackson.

Starring in six other movies with Tarantino at the helm, the baddest motherf*cker in film Samuel L. Jackson returns to play former American Civil War Major Marquis Warren aka "The Bounty Hunter".

7. And '80s cult action hero legend Kurt Russell...

Kurt Russell has had a long and interesting career including playing not one but two cult-classic film heroes, Snake Plissken and Jack Burton, as well as starring in another Tarantino movie, Death Proof, as creepy nacho-eating Stuntman Mike.

8. Let's not also forget the soundtrack. Like all Tarantino movies it's going to be an epic, eclectic mix of music that you'll want to hear in a theatre.

The film's score was also composed by legendary western film composer Ennio Morricone, whose body of work includes the classic spaghetti westerns A Fistful of Dollars and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

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Do this movie justice and go see The Hateful Eight on a big screen – showing in glorious Ultra Panavision at selected 70mm cinemas from 14 January and everywhere else 21 January.

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