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10 Signs You've Definitely Overstayed Your Welcome

Sometimes you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Get an adrenaline-filled dose of the ultimate unruly houseguest in The Guest, now playing in theaters everywhere.

1. They start telling you to buy the groceries.

2. They send you links to great deals on flights home.

3. They stop laughing at all your jokes.

4. They pack your luggage for you every morning.

5. They change the locks without telling you.

6. They have hushed conversations that stop when you enter the room.


7. Their Netflix recommendations cater to your tastes instead of theirs.

8. They put a padlock on the refrigerator.


9. They casually point out nearby hotels.

10. And they drop very subtle hints by saying things like "get out of my house" and "why are you still here?"

If you think you may have overstayed your welcome, don't take any advice from Dan Stevens in The Guest, now playing in theaters everywhere.

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