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18 Signs You Might Be The Creepy One In Your Group Of Friends

If you don't know who the creepy one in your group of friends is, that probably means it's you. For a complete tutorial on how to be super creepy, check out The Guest, now playing in theaters everywhere.

1. This is your favorite game:

2. You prefer to hang out in the shadows.

3. Your laugh has been described as a "menacing cackle."

4. You wear a cape by choice.|Images%20similar%20to:%20186373169|186373169/f=CPIHVX/s=DynamicRank / Via

5. People flinch when you enter the room.

6. Every conversation with you eventually leads back to your taxidermy hobby.

7. You have pet eels.

8. You never let anyone look in the trunk of your car.

9. You smell people's hair when they're not looking.|Human%20Hair|60849|Subject/R|Close-up|60719|Composition/f=CPIHVX/p=3/s=DynamicRank

10. You send friend requests to strangers on Facebook.

11. You really like clowns.

12. You always know where people are, even when they don't tell you.

13. You touch people and then pretend like you didn't just touch them.

14. Most of the books you own are about serial killers.

15. You compliment people on their feet. A LOT.

16. You never let anyone use your computer.

17. You have no regard for personal space.

18. And when someone catches you staring at them, you just keep right on staring.

Get more tips on creepiness from Dan Stevens in The Guest, now playing in theaters everywhere.

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