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14 Ways To Be An Awesome Houseguest

Being a houseguest isn't easy. For more advice on what not to do, check out The Guest, now playing in theaters everywhere.

1. Don't try to murder your hosts.

Because there's nothing more awkward than finding out your houseguest is a murderer.

2. Obey the house rules. / Via

"My home is your home"? More like "my home is my home." Houseguests play by the house rules, no questions asked.

3. Be clear about how long you're staying.

Wong Fu Productions / Via

Avoid overstaying your welcome by letting your host know exactly how long you plan to stay.

4. Don't show up with any unexpected surprises, like a puppy or a kid.

Who doesn't love a puppy? Someone who wasn't expecting the puppy and absolutely cannot accommodate its presence in their home under any circumstances, that's who.

5. Don't brutally assault the local high school bullies.

As a houseguest (and a human in general), try to avoid physically attacking minors at all costs.

6. Bring a gift.

Everybody loves a gift. EVERYBODY.

7. Be naked as little as possible.

It's acceptable to walk around naked in your own home, but when you're in someone else's home, avoid awkward hallway interactions by keeping your junk in the trunk.

8. Entertain yourself.

Nat Geo / / Via

Don't expect your host to keep you occupied, but don't turn down invites to activities either. Be social without being a burden.

9. Don't frame your host's daughter's boyfriend for a double homicide.

Seriously. Not cool.

10. Don't do some of the dishes. Do all the dishes. All the time.


Think of household chores as an alternative to paying rent.

11. No snooping. / Via

Seriously. Just don't.

12. BYOEverything.

Self-sufficiency is very important.

13. Leave without a trace.

Just like a camper, a houseguest should always leave the environment in better condition than when they arrived.

14. Seriously, though. No murdering. / Via

Especially with huge explosions.

For more great examples of improper houseguest etiquette, check out The Guest, now playing in theaters everywhere.

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