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10 Examples Of Perfect Flat Lays For Your Brand

Let’s face it: Social media can be hard. It’s hard to expand your following without the funding for paid advertisements, to respond to each and every comment, and to make sure you’re posting fresh content for users to see. But there are some great ways to expand your brand for free. Flat lays are great for telling stories about your brand or even yourself (after all, you are the face of your brand). Here are 10 examples of people who are crushing the flat lay game.

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1. Lily Rose

Instagram: @lilyrose

Lily Rose is a lifestyle photographer, who enjoys sharing her adventures with her followers. Her flat lays tell her followers when she's jetting off to the next adventure and make them feel as though they're going with her on her journeys.

2. H&M

Instagram: @hm

The popular clothing brand highlights many of their products that go well together (and even go well with things their followers might already own). It's relatable and leads them to sales.

3. Waffles & Dom

Instagram: @wafflesanddom

Flat lays for foods, like these delicious looking vegan waffles from Waffles and Dom, shows users the variety of foods you have to offer. It can also have them relate to you on a personal note. Having a waffle for breakfast with a cup of coffee and reading a book? Flat lay it! Users will connect on an emotional level.

4. Jennifer Bower

Instagram: @jbowerengraving

Flat lays are also great for showing the various tools and equipment you use on a daily basis (just like Jennifer Bower is showcasing her engraving tools). Your users will be interested to know how it is you make what you make.

5. MAC Cosmetics

Instagram: @maccosmetics

Another great way to show your products or even a collection of things you own - that even defines your personality - is by doing a flat lay of your collection. Here, MAC is showing off a fragrance inspired by their lipstick collection.

6. Gather and Feast

Instagram: @gatherandfeast

Ashley Alexander is the owner of Gather and Feast, a recipe and resource blog (she also has created her on eBook). Like in her flat lay, showcasing the ingredients in your meals will help users feel better about your products (whether it be a meal service or a recipe blog, like Ashley).

7. Create and Barrel

Instagram: @crateandbarrel

Crate and Barrel has a large variety of products for your home, so finding a way to showcase the larger items, like rugs, can be difficult. Here, they've managed to show off larger items while also making it visually compelling. They didn't have to layout each rug and take a photo of each - they simply used the flat lay!

8. Schme Custom Kicks

Instagram: @kelshmeamy

Your flat lays don't have to be overly busy or complicated. Something simple, like Schme's Custom Kick's photo, can be just as effective. If you want to go this route though, make sure to follow Schme's lead and arrange them in a specific way. Don't just throw products together and take the photo.

9. Whole Foods

Instagram: @wholefoods

Versatility is a great way to expand your connection with users. Like Whole Foods did above, showing a variety of similar items will reach users with different tastes. Someone might hate eggs but love avocado or broccoli, so they would still like, comment or share this post.

10. Scout Fashion

Instagram: @scoutfashion

London Scout and Sai De Silva are an adorable mother/daughter duo who blog about their style journey. Scout Fashion's flat lays are great examples of how to connect to users through you instead of your products. You are the face of your brand, and making a connection with people will have them follow you.

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